Baby Steps

Date: Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time: 6:25 AM

Status: Baby Steps

Info: The house this morning is looking a little like a frat house.

Uncorked bottle of red wine, four empty beer cans, a pizza box, candy and DVD’s from last night’s Blockbuster run strewn across the table.

Bonnie and Logan sound asleep upstairs and LuLu has been fed, and already fast asleep.

We learned yesterday that the biopsy from Bonnie’s breast indicates she has DUCTAL CARCINOMA.  We learned this just after the lunch hour yesterday, in fact Bonnie was at a colleague’s going away lunch when the call came in.

We pulled Logan out of school and headed for Santa Rosa.  Logan is our emotional one, and she needs to follow this step by step, so our decision to have her involved now will prove beneficial later – am sure.

We met with Lea at Women’s Health Center (Sutter North Bay) in Santa Rosa at 2:30 yesterday.  Lea is an RN-C, and her business card states her role at the health center is a Nurse Navigator.

Bonnie and I were at Women’s Health just the day before where we met Dr. McDonald who conducted the biopsy.  We both left there feeling good about our decision to go to Women’s Health versus the medical facility here in Petaluma.

Lea sat us all in a small little office and broke things down for us piece by piece.  We now have a three-ring binder with more breast cancer information than we ever knew.  Also a book on breast cancer that Lea checked out of their library for us.  We have a lot to take in, but we need to do this, as Lea stressed, in baby steps … cancer is not formed and removed in one day, no sense treating it that way.

On our way home we looked for a place to work in glass of wine, but we found ourselves heading home, and settling in.  We had stopped at the local market, picked up some beer, some wine, and some chewing gum (for Logan) and headed for the front door.  Once inside – we made the necessary phone calls.  One to Mary, one to Cindy and another to Arnie and Micki.  Arnie’s mother, as far as we know, is the only member of Bonnie’s family to have gone through breast cancer so Bonnie made the call to Micki for some answers.

We didn’t talk too much about the cancer last night.  Logan and I went to Blockbuster while Bonnie made herself comfortable under a blanket on the couch.  Logan and I got some movies, some candy and once I got home I fixed dinner which consisted of pretty much the leftovers from our italian fest the night before.  Oh well, pizza and chicken parmesan … movie night it is!

I am going to use this blog to track the many items we have in front of us for as long as necessary.

We know our team will consist of Bonnie’s primary doctor; Dr. Logan, her surgeon (not yet identified) and two oncologists; Radiation and Medical, both of whom will enter our lives after Bonnie’s first MRI which we suspect will be early next week.

That’s the medical team.

Our support team – those we know we can count on include Cindy, Mary, Taylor, Frannie, Bobbi, Micki and Arnie.

You will all get a notice this morning that this blog has been created so you can check in regularly and see what is happening.

Her boss at work has been totally supportive – as has mine.  We have good insurance and we’re both gainfully employed – so all Bonnie needs to do TODAY is start to learn to breath, start to learn to meditate and find an inner peace.  She will get help from all of us as we open this door into uncertainty.





4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I am here for you and Bonnie and T and Logan. I am there in spirit and prayers and I am on a plane – all you have to do is make the call. I love you all so much.

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