Breaking the News

Date:  January 16th, 2011

Time: 5:55 AM

Status: Much cleaner and organized house than yesterday.  Beautiful weather here allowed us to open the windows and let the fresh air consume our place while we stepped out.

Info: Friendships, those that last and can go, and have gone the distance are priceless.

Yesterday we took a small page from Lea’s three-ring binder … WALKING.  Since we moved up the hill last August/September we don’t get into town on our feet as much as we did when we were living only steps away from everything while we rented that small apartment and began the hunt for our home.

The sun showed its splendor early and we decided to head on into town and just walk around without an agenda.  Our weekends are normally full of agendas as there’s just so little time in the day after work, what with a glass of zin at 5:PM, it sort of takes the wind out of your sail and puts your butt on the couch.  Of course we have a number of things we need to change around here, and replacing the SITTING with the WALKING will be one of them.

This blog was created while Bonnie was in the shower yesterday and she knows nothing about it – it’s really my way of sharing information with you as well as tracking it for myself. So once both girls were ready we rolled on out of here and said hello to town as if we hadn’t lost a beat.

We started things off in a great art gallery, traded introductions with the curator, took a real long look at yet another piece of art and then walked out hands free!! That’s normally not how it’s done, believe me!! The rest of the day was just spent enjoying the sunshine, walking aimlessly from storefront to storefront which is a tremendous asset this town owns and we wound up in McNear’s to check in on the first football game of the weekend and once we settled in with our appetizer, that’s when Bonnie’s phone started ringing.

First off – let me just thank you each of you for your phone calls yesterday.  Seriously.  Logan and I sat across the table from each other playing paper football – where the old pro himself got blanked in game #1 by his beautiful daughter, but no matter how many times you hear your wife say “I have breast cancer” it doesn’t get any easier on your ears or your system.  Guess that’s where the cocktails come in handy – at least for now.

Bonnie was able to tell her story, in a comfortable setting, and now the news has been broken.  Those that need to know – KNOW.

Last night Logan enjoyed the company of her girlfriend, Bonnie spent the majority of the evening on the phone, and I made home-made french fries for our youngest’s sleepover.

Also sent an email to the local transcendentalist to query their hours of operation where hopefully Bonnie and I can begin that course.  Think the local transcendentalist has read any Thoreau or Emerson? We’ll find out.

Keep her close you guys.

I’ll do my best from here.




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