Hitting the Books

Date: Monday, January 17, 2011

Time: 6:30 AM

Status: Dr. Martin Luther King observance today, and by the number of empties, glassware, chili pot soaking and basic disarray there was some sort of commotion here yesterday.

Info: Something a little strange happened yesterday.  Normally Sundays are reserved for mommy/daughter time. There’s usually an errand or two requiring a trip to Target for Logan and while out Bonnie and Logan will do the grocery shopping for the week.  We have a little impromptu meeting on Sunday mornings deciding the menu for the upcoming week and somewhere around mid-afternoon Bonnie and Logan will have returned from the grocer with bags aplenty.

Yesterday – Bonnie stayed in bed and made a list for Logan and I to take care of. Logan and I went through the grocer like we were preparing for an episode of Fear Factor.  We bounced in there like old pro’s and were at the checkout line where Bonnie’s list was checked liked something around Christmas time and for the register we headed.  I congratulated Logan on our drive home and told her we could not pat each other on the back until the goods were okay’d by her mother.  This she completely understood.

We came home, we put away the groceries, I started the evening dinner – award-winning Chili – 2nd place 1988 and 1995 Cape Cod Chili contest … anyway, made up some surprise desserts of strawberries and blueberries and got ready for the football game of the weekend to start between the PATS and Jets.

Bonnie did come down, read the receipt and gave Logan and I two thumbs up.  So it’s Sunday and we have Monday off … nice.

Did we walk yesterday?  Why yes we did – right down to the local merchant who sells everything from limes to lottery tickets.  We purchased a lime and a bag of ice for the gin & tonics.

The result of the game was not at all what we expected and this place was as loud as three people can make it, but as I look at the breakfast bar this morning the dead soldiers and soaking chili pot reminds me what lies ahead after the girls awake.

The 3-ring binder Lea put together for us still lies at the bottom of the stairs and its high time we open it up and start doing our share of the lifting.

I read yesterday on another person’s blog where she believes the aluminum in antiperspirants are directly related to both prostate and breast cancer and additionally the need for an MRI for all Breast Cancer patients.  This we knew, but it’s nice to see it written and confirmed by a doctor.


1.  Start creating a one page questionnaire for the surgeon.  If you girls out there have questions – feel free to send them to me for inclusion.

2. Create 15 minutes each day where we can sit down as a family here at the kitchen table to discuss next steps.

3. Remind our friends not to be posting any information about Bonnie’s breast cancer on social networking sites until she gives us the green light.  Okay?  This one is very important – thank you.

I have an idea on creating bird houses from empty water containers.  This is what I’ll be working on later this afternoon during this observance day for Dr. Martin Luther King.

Special shout out to Michelle Shuler for her voice mail yesterday – thanks so much Michelle and welcome to this blog.  Your “take no prisoner” approach on the phone is refreshing and welcome!  We love you and Paula dearly and this is my way of keeping everyone that NEEDS to know in the know.


Keep her close you guys.






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