Joining Hands

Dinner (Atlantic salmon) is a few moments away from the grill, rice is cooking and Logan will be getting ready for one of her masterpiece salads just as soon as the girls get back from Blockbuster returning those Friday night movies.  Late fees? Lousy idea.

So for the next few minutes I’m going to try to introduce some very special people in our lives, and I’m going to do it all without picking up a phone, shaking a hand, pouring a glass of wine, or handing out a “Hello My Name is” sticker.

This blog site is going to introduce our east coast friends to our new west coast friends, and for those of you that go back a number of years with Bonnie and I you’ll immediately see the irony in it all.

There once was a time when half the girls on this list wouldn’t give me the time of day 🙂 , we’ve all come a long way haven’t we?

Mary, Bobbi, Frannie and Denise … meet Gilly and Michelle.

Mary, Bobbi, Frannie, Denise, Gilly and Michelle … meet Cindy, Arnie and Micki.

I informed Bonnie about this page earlier this afternoon … as always, thanks ladies.




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