New Terms and Definitions

Date: January 17th, 2011

Time: 9:10 AM PST

Status: Bonnie and Logan enjoying some mother/daughter time upstairs watching television

Info: One of the to do list items for today was to “hit the books” and start learning what I can about this subject.

Using the Google Chrome web browser one can type in just about whatever they want and receive a decent searchable tool.  So I typed in “Define Ductal Carcinoma” and what I received in return required a medical degree just to weave through this language.  So I took another shot and typed in “Layman’s Terms for Medical Conditions” … bingo!

So the definition of the day today is appropriately enough:


“Ductal carcinoma” in situ (DCIS) is considered the earliest form of breast cancer in women. In DCIS, abnormal cells multiply and form a growth within the milk duct area of the breast tissue. Fortunately, DCIS is generally non-invasive, and typically does not spread outside the milk duct area and infect other parts of the breast. DCIS is normally found during annual mammogram screenings, but can often times be difficult to detect. Due to the increased amount of women getting mammograms, the rate in which DCIS is diagnosed has increased tremendously over the last several years. While DCIS is non-life threatening, it does however, require treatment to prevent the condition from becoming invasive. In many cases, women with DCIS are successfully treated with options such as breast conserving surgery and radiation therapy. While there are some symptoms to detect DCIS that include a breast lump or nipple discharge, in most instances no outward symptoms are present, which is why doctors strongly recommend and encourage women to get a mammogram each year.

Oddly enough, this past Friday, when I first heard these two words I couldn’t even spell carcinoma into the web browser to learn more about it.  Having this definition in front of us helps out greatly in the fact that this type of cancer is like they say – non-invasive, and can be treated with options such as breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy?) and radiation therapy.

Research continues.

In my research this morning however I did run across a web page advertising a walk in San Francisco titled “IN IT TO END IT” … scheduled for July 9th and 10th of this year.  I signed up and registered.  For those of you out here on the west coast – check it out.






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