The Hunter Gathers

Date: January 18th, 2010

Time: 3:00 PM PST

Status: At work – wrapping up another day and another class as young Coast Guardsman are ready to take their newly found skills into the maritime community and impress us all.  It’s quiet here in the classroom now, all the students have left  and I’ve completed the first chapter of “Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment”.

Info: After just one chapter, there is already a ton of information needed to share with you.  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read along.

So this morning I walked into work as the husband of a bride with breast cancer.  I have to tell you I was a little razzled getting my day started this morning.  I informed my boss how things went last Friday, which seems a month ago already, and he shared with me his experiences when he and his wife were in the same predicament.  One of the great takeaways from the meeting with him this morning was a question for the surgeon:

Scenario: Day of Surgery

Question 1

Surgeon is inside the breast and notices something that was not picked up by the MRI or mammogram.  Does he then stop the surgery, inform me, or does he continue with the surgery, removing it all (and of course I’m thinking worse case scenario here)?

Spent some time on line looking for Breast Cancer Support Groups here in town, found a couple and took down the important information into my new notebook.

Question 2

Will we need a plastic surgeon after surgery?

Thought about the drive out to the medical center in Santa Rosa (25 miles) earlier this morning and realized we’re going to be driving there a lot.  I need to find a peaceful way to get there and avoid Highway 101 at all costs – you’d understand if you lived out here.  There’s an enormous highway project going on and the last thing any of us need right now is a reason for road rage.  I have something mapped out it my head – details to follow after our next visit.

While gathering information this morning I ran across this that really it home and will answer a question I know Bonnie has been asking, perhaps you too:

Our question: Where and when did this begin?

Books answer: By the time the tumor is found, it may have been growing for years. 

On Deck:  Treatments; local and systemic.

Good night.




One thought on “The Hunter Gathers

  1. Hey guys, as a five year survivor I can tell you things will be okay, The tumor was found when it was supposed to be found, when just the right protocol was out there for you guys 🙂

    my understanding of tumor removal is some types are best left for neoadjuvent chemo to kick it’s butt first….but I’m not an expert…that’s why mine was left by the biopsy surgeon.

    Y-me is a wonderful resource staffed by phone 24/7 they listened to me cry many a night and it’s for everyone in the family.

    Hope it all unfolds in as easy a path as possible for you,


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