One Bite at a Time

Date: January 20th, 2011

Time: 7:AM PST (Petaluma Standard Time)


Info: I forget which blog about our breast cancer I posted the other day, but when I got home and Bonnie and I started in our daily discussion on this very subject I checked the laptop and we had received a comment from a Lauren regarding her breast cancer situation. 

Paul: Honey, do you know a Lauren?

Bonnie: I know a few, why, what’s going on?

I read her comment but was still a little puzzled as to how she found my blog since I have this site marked as “CLOSED” and later on it donned on me – the TAGS!! Yes those little tags we all use to allow our four hundred something words to network and spider web across the great big WWW.  So the “breast cancer” tag was found by Lauren. 

Lauren is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and after I read her blog yesterday I started asking her some questions – namely: “Would you mind if we continue to communicate with each other via email/blogging?”

Before I provide her response – let me give a shout out to CHERYL … WELCOME ♥ ABOARD  ♥ DOLLFACE!!

Thank you for the words which follow Lauren:

Of course I will stay in touch and continue the emails/blogs for you and your family.  That is why we are here. 🙂

 It is indeed overwhelming at first.  I got myself a big binder and started right away to categorize things/handouts with one of those sleeves too for business cards to use for appointment cards. 

 Try to get advice from at least a few good oncologists.  I went to duke, chapel hill and then to a private guy and all had different course of action /treatment plans.  I then decided to assemble my dream team and go forward.  That dream team will be different for everyone.  Mine team had the ACC covered 🙂

 take it one bite at a time. Get through the MRI and then onto the next test.  It is when they have those results and pathology and perhaps genetic stuff too,  that they can form a treatment plan.  

 Personally, I always stressed to the docs that longevity trumped cosmetics…. that was kind of my mantra…along with this “dying is simply not an option” which was my battle cry…

 You and your wife remember what Christopher Robin said to Pooh “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think .”

 you guys will be okay.  I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but you will be.


Keep her close,

5 thoughts on “One Bite at a Time

  1. I also told Bonnie that I have a friend who is 29 who was diagnosed and I went through it all with her from the minute she was diagnosed to her 6 month post chemo appt. She is FINE now but in the beginning I remember her nerves, her overwhelming urge to “GET IT OUT” and her unbelievable attitude and willingness to listen to others who had been through similar situations. One thing she always said was that she wanted people to let her question everything, wanted teh chance to be scared and worried even though her prognosis was excellent. Hearing those words can change your life so let yourself be sad, angry, worried and then you will see the HOPE so much faster!

    • I have a picture of Bonnie in my wallet – she’s 16 in the photo – taken at a Chinese restaurant (shocking I know) – she looks every bit like that photo today. Still 29 in many respects – she’ll lead you to believe otherwise but there’s no arguing with the photograph. Thank you for sharing Neillee – give your family a hug from me and the girls. MRI today – and after my reading this morning I’m wondering if there’s a BSGI in our future. LOVE YOU!!

      • Thinking of all of you! Only with positive thoughts!! I love you and you are in my heart every step of the way!!! Cheryl H.

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