Read, Learn, Question

Date: January 21st, 2011

Time: 7:10 AM PST

Status: Diagnosis & Staging

Info: Yesterday we had our first MRI and in the two hours leading up to the drive into Santa Rosa a new vocabulary appeared.  The first 3 pages of the chapter on Diagnosis & Staging was no problem, until:

  • Receptors;
  • Estrogen Receptor,
  • Progesteron Receptor,
  • Hormone Recepter, then …
  • HER-2/neu (aggressive cancer)

Of course there’s a test for the HER-2/neu.  (am sure Apple is working on ‘app’ for it as well)  Curious as to when this takes place.  The test will determine if Bonnie will be a good candidate for treatment with HERCEPTIN, XELODA and/or TYKERB.  Oooy.

Here’s a new term:

Distant Breast Cancer Recurrence – which is treated with chemotherapy.

New terms continue:

  • S-Phase – complete replication
    • Aneuploid (abnormal amount of DNA = worse prognosis)
  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer (huh? – my notes include “post that w/w (page 34)”: Having a triple-negative breast cancer means your tumor tested “negative for estrogen receptors (ER-), progesterone receptors (PR-), and HER2.  This cancer does not respond to hormonal therapy (such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors) or therapies that target HER2 receptors, such as Herceptin.  Other medicines will need to be used.  More than one out of every ten women are found to be triple-negative.  My notes continue with the letters F-U-C-K.

Please – all of you – the above ARE JUST NOTES from the reading – and not from any pathology report or anything official.  I want my reading & my notes to educate me and this network of ours.  The pages which followed went into Additional Tests such as the MRI and BSGI (Breast Specific Gamma Imaging), and continued into the Stages of Breast Cancer.

The positive thing about all the reading yesterday, both before our exam and during is the number of questions I was able to glean for the surgeon; Dr. Norton.  We meet with HER on the 26th.

Sutter Pacific, Advanced Imaging, this is Ashley, may I help you?”

Keep her close,



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