Thank You – Let’s Celebrate

So let’s celebrate.


 I can hear all of you right now … “celebrate? What is he celebrating?”


 I am celebrating you, I am celebrating our first week of breast cancer.


 I am celebrating, or finding joy that this past week has shown us that we can continue to operate efficiently as a family, smile, all the while we are reading, discussing, networking, and learning what we can about this disease to help that beautiful girl we love.


 Tonight we are walking into town – it’s a twenty-five minute walk from the house and I suspect, yes only suspect, there’s a glass of wine or two in our future (is there a better beverage to celebrate with?), perhaps a few hands of gin rummy as well.


 I thank each of you for being there on the other end of the phone, other end of the blog, and yes some of you … other side of this country of ours.


 I’m celebrating the fact you’ve kept her close this past week – and I thank you.



Think we walk home?



Details to follow …







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