Walk & Wine

Date: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Time: 7:AM PST

Status: Downstairs has a lot less the fraternity house appearance we experienced last week, but there’s still a reminder of activity here in the home last night.  As LuLu heads for the back door to do her thing after a hearty (and extremely noisy) breakfast I’ll do my best to recap our Saturday together.

Info: Bonnie still has that effect on me – to get things done, errands, minor and major projects, hell right down to adopting LuLu.  Anyone who knows her will tell you her love for the four legged’s was always minimal, but here we sit with an ever-expanding English Bulldog, who also has her own blog page and facebook site.  Jeeesh.


I looked at the clock and realized there’s no way in the world we’re loading LuLu into the SUV and heading for the beach.  It was nearly 11:AM and the phone rang … it was the east coast and Bonnie’s family checking in with her.  I thought to myself “okay, this is good, I have things to do out in the garage today, namely the recycling, and this phone call with the east coast will do her more good than harm.  Logan and I retreated to the garage to put the second coat of paint on a set of shelves she’s been working on.  I tidied up the recycling.  Plastics here, aluminum here, glass here … jees we drink a lot of wine!

When we walked back into the kitchen Bonnie was still on the phone, and I had one little project left.  I noticed a handful of red glass Christmas ornaments in the garage and I walked them through the house and out the back door and into the back yard.  The girls are looking at me as if to say “it’s true, he’s certifiable” … what is he doing now?  I only had about 7 ornaments and since we didn’t use them this Christmas I figure they out to be put to good use so I hung them on a pine tree we have in the back yard.  Goofy?  I don’t think so – it’s a Christmas reminder from here on out.

Bonnie and I met each other upstairs and we started talking about her phone call, though more importantly, at least for today’s agenda; we started talking about this massive mirror in our bathroom.  We’ve had estimates from contractors to remove it ranging from $75 to $250.  It’s huge, it’s thick and I know it’s going to be a hassle, but like I said earlier – she has that effect on me.  So back to the garage for my straight edge, a mallet, and a screw gun.  Light kit removed – easy.  Now what are we going to do with this mirror?  We figure it’s glued to the wall and Bonnie has seen on her many HGTV shows how they apply Saran wrap to the fixture top to bottom and start popping it with a mallet.  Once the pieces started to spider web they are held in place by the Saran wrap.  Okay here goes! BAM! Nothing.  BAM BAM BAM … crack.  The rest was history – getting all those pieces down the stairs was a bit of a chore, but now that mirror is gone and WE DID IT!  Nice.

We later walked into town.  We left Logan napping (monthly bill arrived) and we landed at one of favorite little Italian restaurants; Sugo for lunch.  Turns out the glasses of wine are only $5 during lunch. Yes please … we struck up a great conversation with our waitress Jen who felt obliged to pour a third glass for nothing.

Grabbed a sandwich for Logan, along with a little surprise and headed home.  One more glass? Okay.  One more stop, one more glass … NOW WE HEAD HOME.


Turns out we were not the recent winners of the California Mega Lottery last night.  The girls continue to sleep – LuLu does the same, and I’m going to sneak a peek into the back yard and see how the newly adorned pine tree is doing.

All is well out here.


Keep her close you guys,


Julie – welcome aboard.  I read your comments yesterday and I’m glad you agree with the attitude we’ve taken with the news of Bonnie’s breast cancer.

Bobbi – thanks for providing the title to this morning’s blog.  Enjoy your mother’s french toast before the next storm rolls in!







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