Prepping for the Surgeon

Date:  January 24th, 2011

Time: 7:15 AM PST

Status: Prepping for Meeting with Surgeon

Info: When we first met with the Nurse Navigator at Sutter Health on Friday, 1/14 we learned to make a list of questions for the surgeon when we finally meet.  You may remember a blog entitled “Read, Learn, Question” recently posted.  Well, it turns out I really don’t have as many questions as I previously thought.  The questions I have currently are posted below in a draft state and in no particular order. 

Please think about any questions we are not asking by posting them on the comments section.  – Thank you.


  • How much of the breast will be removed & what cosmetic side effects can Bonnie expect from radiation therapy?
  • Is there a possibility of more than one lumpectomy, or does additional lumpectomies constitute a mastectomy?
  • Can Bonnie expect permanent numbness in the lumpectomy area?
  • Can you prescribe post-surgery arm & shoulder exercises to prevent stiffness in that area?
  • Can we donate blood for surgery.  Is this an option?
  • Please explain immediate reconstruction if a mastectomy is necessary relating to using her own tissues or synthetic implants.
  • Are you experienced with axillary lymph node dissection (should it be necessary)?
  • Can you provide a list of qualified plastic surgeons (should they be necessary)?

I have a number of internal questions, more like things I need as they are related to the insurance company.

Class begins in thirty minutes. We meet with the surgeon for questions only on 1/26.

Keep her close you guys,




One thought on “Prepping for the Surgeon

  1. Hi Paul and Bonnie,
    I was so happy to hear from Bonnie after all this time. FB obviously has its benefits. It will be great to reconnect with you both!
    I have been catching up on all the postings related to Bonnie’s recent diagnosis. I am sure that this is all surreal & just overwhelming to you all. I am responding to this particular posting to suggest a discussion with your physician related to BRCA & oncotype testing. I have no doubt that these tests will be discussed but wanted to suggest adding it to your list. Bonnie, I am sending all my positive energy your way as you continue through all your testing. Please know that you are in my prayers.
    Love Betsy

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