Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Date: January 24th, 2011

Time: 11:15  (Lunch Time)

Status: Mind Boggling

Info: Continued my reading this morning and decided it would be “good luck” to forego the section on Reconstruction Surgery.  Deal with that should we need to, so I skipped onto Chapter 7; Chemotherapy.  I can assure you will not need a cup of coffee to get you going after reading up on what this treatment is all about, how the treatment is given, and of course – the SIDE EFFECTS.

The title of this one is Putting the Cart Before The Horse.  We were informed (or diagnosed) with Stage 2 Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma on 1/14.  We had the long weekend to digest the information, water it down with some zinfandel, and since then we’ve had our MRI and scheduled a session with the surgeon.  All of this has been done in ten days. 

So now what?

In my notebook there are a number of notations which read “Call TRICARE” – normally a reminder like that is done by that little angel on my shoulder  who says “good for you, make a reminder” and on the other shoulder is the devil who shows up in red cape and horns and says “yea, here’s a reminder … don’t worry about it” …

Today I kicked that devilish reminder figure to the curb and started making phone calls and to my surprise – there was useful, informative and clear data coming from “Andrew” on the other end of the phone.  Nice.

Here in cubicle land – these private-like phone calls are done outside on my cell phone.  I’d rather conduct business that way than having all my colleagues knowledgeable of what’s going on.

Anyway – I’m not a big believer in the phrase “there’s plenty of time” … and the information I received from TRICARE was exactly what Bonnie had known all along but she was grateful to know I’m working on it in the background.

We’re both heading home for lunch today – say hello to the six-year-old puppy of ours.

Again – if you have any questions I haven’t already covered for our meeting with the surgeon on Wednesday – feel free to use this forum to forward them along.

Keep her close …




2 thoughts on “Putting the Cart Before the Horse

  1. Hi Paul. I took the liberty to inquiry to my God son who is working on his doctorate in physical therapy. I was getting the “cart before the horse” with respect to asking about post surgery therapy and soreness and stiffness. It will be interesting to receive his input. Best,

  2. Hey guys,

    i continue to love your blog and honesty. Couple of questions for the surgeon

    ask if she will have genetic testing for BRCA1 and 2 I was told the outcome of the testing greatly effects the surgical decision. If postive they opt for more surgery.

    You might also ask about the ability for any reconstruction with a lumpectomy and radiation, I have been told that radiated skin does not stretch and lots of surgeons won’t touch it to ut a small implant in…

    Keep it going guys!


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