Receptionist Overload (is there an app for that?)

Date: January 25th,2011

Time: Dinner

Status: Bonnie sleeps.  A tough day – not the work so much but the phone calls – and not the good ones.

Info: Receptionist Overload – is there an app for that?

I am also positive, strike that – I am 100 percent sure that my wife Bonnie is not the first person diagnosed with breast cancer.  I think you’d all agree with that, yes?

Then why on earth does it seem that every receptionist she’s dealt with in the past two calendar days been such a bitch?  Is it the hourly wage? Is this the only position in northern California she’s qualified for? Does she feel she’s in a power-position?

As you know our calendar is glittered with “MEET THE SURGEON” for tomorrow afternoon. This is kind of A BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL.  So much so that we’ve both taken half days off for this visit and we’ve prepared a list of questions from all the reading we’ve done and the additional questions you great ladies have offered.

So why … why … would the surgeon’s receptionist call her on the her cell phone – leave a cryptic voice mail such as “call us immediately” ???

Bonnie can’t find a soft shoulder in the road fast enough to pull over on to make the call.  Sorry California for using the cell phone while operating a motor vehicle …

Anyway – when Bonnie connects with the office the young lady (my own stereotype – sorry) questions my wife with … “are you still coming tomorrow? Have you completed the information packet we sent you?”

The first question I can completely understand but to preface it with ‘call us immediately’ is a shade less than professional.  I think you’d all agree.

Oh – the information packet? Yea – that never made it to the house either.  So we’re instructed to come early tomorrow so we can complete the paperwork we could have completed here in the comfortable confines of our own home had SOMEONE DONE THEIR JOB. A novel *&^%@’n concept.

Okay – that  felt good.

Bonnie sleeps.  The newly installed shutters make the downstairs living room couch a perfect location for that post 5:PM whistle nap.

Dinner is in the oven – baked chicken with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Homemade mixed berry/fruit parfait for dessert.   This newly found parfait idea has found a use for the white wine glasses since Bonnie is now a red wine drinker (thanks again ML :)!)


C’mon over.

Details on our visit to follow sometime tomorrow.


Keep her close you guys,






2 thoughts on “Receptionist Overload (is there an app for that?)

  1. I thought about this one alot. I have come to believe the following.

    The receptionists within the office act this way because it is part of their job. Their job description states be short, terse and show little empathy and in turn you (the patient) will know how to treat cancer. Short, terse and no empathy for the disease. In other words. Kick it’s ass.

    • Churchill reminded us: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. The same receptionist called us yesterday to schedule an additional ultrasound – her attitude has since been changed. I think all our attitudes have been changed. Be curse, quick and nasty with me? Maybe yesterday … not today.

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