Tipping the Apple Cart

Date: January 25th,2011

Time: 4:15 PST (or “wicked” early)

Status: So Monday is the day we shake the cobwebs out of the weekend, right? We start new in our perspective places of employment, put on a happy face and give it all we have right? RIGHT?? One of the employees at Women’s Sutter Health did not get or did not read the memo that talked about putting on the happy face … she just gave it all she has … and that’s what upset the apple cart yesterday.

Info: At 6 foot and 270 I almost NEVER receive any resistance.  Almost never.  I don’t throw my weight around – there’s no need to.  In fact most of the time I am happy, smiling, joking, playful, etc.  I walked into the classroom yesterday, provided my presentation to the students, went on with the exercises, enjoyed a quiet lunch, read more about Radiation Therapy and then the text came in from Bonnie.

Fortunately we work within 1/2 mile of each other on an 8,000 acre campus so if anything should ever go wrong we can work on it together without having to worry about the logistics involved. This little hiccup – which I’m hoping is the last – came from the scheduler at Women’s Sutter Health yesterday regarding the need for another ultrasound.

What? Another ultrasound?

You and I both know we have our first meeting with the surgeon on Wednesday.  So as far as we knew – ultrasounds and mammograms are a thing of the past, at least for the direct future.  When Bonnie  received the call from Women’s Sutter the scheduler failed to introduce herself initially and it was all thunder & lightning from there.  The delivery was poor and the conclusion was even worse with … “well, I’ll just comment here that YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SEEN”.

Bonnie was confused and I can understand why.  Hell I had to ask her to breathe, breathe again, re-text me the information so I can understand it. Oh hell – let’s just pick up the phone and talk to each other!  I told her this is an easy one, and to let me handle it.

Where’s that phone number for Women’s Sutter?

So I did.

Let me introduce two members of our team that will be helping me during this period.  You may have heard of them before; Mr. Mick Jagger and Mr. Keith Richards.  When Mick and Keith wrote the song “Keys to your Love“, better yet, when I first heard the song played by the Rolling Stones there was no conceivable idea ever that I’d be using a portion of their lyrics to talk about our day yesterday:

Now try to lock me out, I can always get in
I’ve got every permutation, every code and every pin
I’m so crazy about you, yeah that’s the word on the street
Yeah I bet you heard all about it from the people you meet

You know baby, I put a spell on you
Can’t take it off now, there ain’t nothing you can do
I’ve got the keys to your love
I play the keys of your heart
It sounds so sweet baby
Won’t stop once I start
I’ve got the keys to your love
I’ve got the secret of your heart
No matter where I go baby
We’re not too far apart

Your all that I got
Without you, baby, my life’s kind of shot
I look for your face
Cause no one else could fill this space

To use the common platitude of today “it’s all goooooood” … after the phone call I headed out the door, picked up Logan from school and headed to the post office to pick up a package from the east coast.  In it was a number of Save the Ta-Ta’s items such as auto magnets, wrist bands, a letter for Logan, and a Fight Like A Girl beverage coozie.

I’d like to say good morning/afternoon/evening to the entire Gore family back there in Mt. Pleasant, SC for taking the time in packaging and sending those items to us.  It means the world and we’re very grateful. Welcome aboard guys!

Funny story about Rob & Ashley Gore which involves Paul & Bonnie Cheney:

Rob & Ashley’s daughter’s name is Grace.  Last summer Grace spent a week out here in California with Logan.  They then flew back to the east coast where Logan spent the remainder of her summer vacation.  On the plane heading back to South Carolina the flight attendant asked “are you two girls heading back to Washington, D.C.?” Grace & Logan, both puzzled,  looked at each other and responded “NO … why?” Flight attendant simply remarked: “Well I see here your names are Gore and Cheney.”

All the years we’ve known each other we never put the parallel together.  Too funny.

See? It’s all goooooood.


Keep her close you guys,





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