A Positive Outlook

Date: January 27th, 2011

Time: 7:30 PST

Status: Visit With Surgeon – CHECK

Info: Outlook is positive – our calendar has been taken over for at least the next year.

It’s funny how music, particularly the title of some songs just seem to come on at either the right or wrong time in your life, right? This morning I jumped in the car, after scraping the ice off the windshield (sorry to my friends and fam out east – it took me about ten seconds, unlike the nonsense you’re dealing with) and headed west to the coast. While in the car Robert Randolph & the Family Band was singing “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” and you know what?

East coast or west coast … it don’t matter / Down south or up north … it don’t matter / Hollywood or in the hood … it don’t matter / Either way, it’s all good … it don’t matter (and it continues).

We met with our surgeon yesterday; Dr. Laura Norton who joined the Redwood Regional Medical Group last January. The write-up on Dr. Norton explains she was drawn to the Breast Program at Redwood because of their team approach and the reputation they have for excellence in the medical community. “Teamwork” and “Excellence” … as long as she’s not drafted by the Oakland Raiders I think it’s safe to assume we’ve got ourselves a darn good, if not excellent surgeon.

Bonnie and I are very big on first impressions, trusting our instincts and gut reactions. With a lot more paperwork than when we started yesterday – we walked away tired, drained, overloaded and UPBEAT. As we merged onto 101S yesterday afternoon and then sneaking off onto the backroads for a leisurely drive home we discussed what we learned, our options and then Bonnie’s phone rang … “thank you Cheryl!” Let me say that again … “Thank you Cheryl”

Hearing Bonnie on the phone with her family back east helped me drive and concentrate on our next move and hearing Bonnie laugh with Cheryl about the recent onslaught of snow they’ve received and how Cheryl handles it (she actually goes outside and KICKS it – WE LOVE THAT!!!) is extremely beneficial and healthy for Bonnie. If it’s healthy for her, it’s damn sure healthy for the rest of us.

We arrived home, we patted LuLu, let her out and filled her water bowl – decided on dinner and called it a night.

There’s a ton of work ahead of us and perhaps this blog is devoid of all that took place during our 3.5 hour session with Dr. Norton and that may very well be true – what I do want you to know is that Bonnie is happy, she’s upbeat and I know this because she took the time to compliment me this morning as to how I was dressed. The one thing she loves is ensuring her husband looks dapper in the morning as he heads out the door. I may look like my inner construction worker when I get home in the afternoon, but she smiled this morning as I rolled on out.

Hope this helps.

Keep her close you guys …




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