Good Morning February

Date: February 1st, 2011

Time: Coffee

Status: Snowing out east – cold out west

Info: Wanted to lay down a quick post this morning with Bonnie’s calendar of events for February to keep you all informed.  These events came in like the wind yesterday and I’ve taken on the official role of “scheduler” … I remember one time Bonnie’s plane landed in Boston and I was … well, that story can wait for another time I suppose.

  • Her calendar shows she has a 5:PM massage with Michelle! YAY.
  • On the 7th she meets with her Medical Oncologist – Dr. Stanton (any relation I wonder to our buddies back east?)
  • On the 9th she meets with her Genetic Counselor in Santa Rosa.  This counseling session is to determine a number of factors; mainly where Bonnie’s family originated from.

Did I hear one of you say Swampscott? That’s really not what the counselor is looking for – funny as hell though, but really if you know anything about the family tree that could be helpful to this session – feel free to chime in.

Coffee is brewed – her first cup of the day is about to be poured and delivered.

Keep her close you guys,




2 thoughts on “Good Morning February

  1. way to go Paul serving your wife her morning coffee :)It was so great talking with both of you last night! You’re in my prayers.

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