TGIF (it’s not what you’re thinking)

Date: February 4th, 2011

Time: 5:30 AM

Status: TGIF

Info: Bonnie’s Boosters added a few names in recent days.  We now reach from the river here in Petaluma to the snow-capped mountains of Vermont and clear into the warm and beautiful waters of the Netherland Antilles. While I’m adding names to the list at the side of this page I’m also receiving phone calls from guys that mean the world to me – you both know who you are.  One was driving a dump truck in Ohio where he was moving snow, and the other working on a new gig in the nation’s capital.  Earlier in the day Bonnie’s desk at work becomes crowded with an enormous bouquet of flowers from her friends and co-workers.  Around lunch time yesterday I was planning on calling Bonnie to see if she’d like to take a drive out to Tomales when my phone rang and it was Bonnie and her co-workers heading into town to pick up a birthday cake for someone in the office.  Looks like a sandwich at my desk in front of my empty calendar.  I love it when she’s busy with her friends and colleagues.  Last night as I was working the grill and had just delivered two beautiful NY strips to the table with grilled asparagus my cell phone lit off with a Bruce Springsteen ringtone and once I saw the name on the caller ID it was very easy to realize that steak was going to be cold when I go to sit down but my heart is going to be warm when I do.

Thank you Paul, and Toni … thank you Michelle … thank you Neillee for yesterday afternoon’s phone call … thank you Mary for calling me to see if I needed anything (you received quite the text from me FYI on that subject) … thank you Ronnie … thank you Mark … thank you Joy for your extremely kind words earlier in the week … welcome aboard Kathleen, Andy and Sarah … thank you Julie for wrestling with the lousy cell phone coverage between Two Rock and Shaftsbury … thank you Cindi (our new nurse navigator) for being a part of our team … thank you Wendy and Tony for your kind words as well.  One day I will share a Heineken with you Tony while Bonnie can impress Wendy with her new knowledge of red wine and we’ll reminisce about our days and nights on the upper Cape … thank you Cindy B for wanting to come up this weekend and break in our brand new, contractor built wine rack (can’t wait for that this afternoon!!!) … thank you Bobbi for being there in the morning to start my day with positive thoughts (GO CELTICS) … thank you to Frannie and her wicked sharp tongue … thank you Margie and Betsy for the BIG LAUGHTER that began our week when the house of cards had to be reshuffled … thank you to Rob & Ashley and their wonderful family … thank you to the vineyards of Northern California … thank you Facebook for allowing us all to connect without having to shovel our walks (did I say that? It’s going to 74 here today 🙂 ) … thank you to WordPress for giving me a friend in Linda and a medium to spread the word (this blog was hit 192 times on Wednesday!) … thank you Danny in PA for your thoughts and prayers … thank you to Denny & his bulldog Peanut for checking in … thank you to Blackberry and T-Mobile for allowing me to create a group text to share important updates with each of you on the fly … thank you to my two girls who very rarely have anything to say about this blog but are talking and sharing with their mother on a daily basis regardless of their own very busy schedules … thank you to our beautiful bundle of bulldog LuLu who comforts each of us with her no-nonsense style – you can visit LuLu everyday at (I know – another blog) …

Yes TGIF –  The Great & Involved Friends who help me keep this schedule – who help me realize this is nothing but a bump in the road. I do sincerely apologize for missing anyone who connected with Bonnie this week …

Pictures of the installed wine rack to follow.  Wine seems to be the common denominator in many of the comments – there’s little argument here.

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “TGIF (it’s not what you’re thinking)

  1. good morning wine country friends! i meant to ask what kind of dog you had…you would have thought the photo in the corner of the blog was a given 🙂 LU LU is adorable…the name brought back immediate flashbacks of LA LA…the name feels alot like what I have become..I went from a LA LA to a LU LU. Have a great day in that warm CA sunshine, as we continue to dig ourselves out of another 6 inches of snow. XO

  2. Just spoke to Bon…74 there…told her they are removing the 24inches of snow from roof,awaiting a storm with only 3-6 inches…how do you spell…SPRING?*&^$(**%$#…Lulu good luck in dog show…Logan if she doesn’t move take her for a drag..Bon, you sent us sunshine today…haven’t seen it in a week…right there with you…Love to all..Cheryl

  3. You said it…TGIF!!! Finally just sat down with my glass of St.Supery! One of our favorite vinyards visited. Looking forward to the day we can visit again and see our long lost friends Paul & Bonnie!
    Hope you both have a nice weekend! I am sure you are both looking forward to it after the week you had. 🙂

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