Undeveloped Film = Great Memories

What’s the best part about the weekend?  The answers vary.  Some start their weekends by ducking out early on Friday, beating the traffic to the Cape (or so I’m told), putting the car in the parking lot at the Woods Hole ferry terminal, walking up the brow, grabbing a seat and leaving it all behind … forty five minutes from the ferry you’ll be mooring at Oaks Bluff or Vineyard Haven (I prefer VH) and you’re hoping your ride was able to get out of early from work as well because the weekend is about to begin – for you and every other ferry passenger.

Fortunately I’ve taken that ferry with Bonnie countless number of times.  We’ve ridden the Bremerton (Washington) ferry as well, and of course we’ve taken the big boat out of Hyannisport over to Nantucket, but there is really no better period of time than a Friday afternoon, knocking back a couple of wicked expensive draft beers, standing at the rail and watching the Elizabeth Islands, the airplane house, Naushon, and Little Harbor all disappear in the wake of the EAGLE, the ISLAND HOME, or the old GOVERNOR herself because you know the weekend is here, it’s been well deserved and there’s absolutely ZERO thoughts about jumping on the 6:AM back to “the hole” to start the work week all over again.

That’s pretty much what our weekends are here.  Although we’re 3,000 miles from our favorite little haunts along Water Street and the Black Dog Bakery – we are along some of the prettiest coast in the world and with Super Bowl XLV some six hours away it’s easy to dismiss any thoughts about our breast cancer and enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday started with a drive to Sacramento with our bundle of bulldog and be a participant in the Mother Lode Bulldog Rescue Parade up in McLellan.  We left here about 7:AM and returned around noon.  We had our first glass of wine at Sugo around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and took in a great walk around town … today Papa Paul’s Diner kicked things off for Logan and her girlfriend Tatum – the standard fare of eggs made to order, delish bacon, english muffins and coffee/juice.  Laundry is wrapping up and the menu for the week only moments from being finalized.

I’d jump right back on that ferry tomorrow – but I sit here in along the Petaluma River with zero regrets.  All the undeveloped film in my size 7.5 melon provides me all the memories I need to recognize we’ve done well for ourselves and together we can do anything – including the task at hand.

Keep her close you guys,





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