Lab Coats & Lunch

Date: February 7th, 2011

Time: Dinner

Status: Oncologist Meeting

Info:  Here’s a pair of definitions for you:

  • on·col·o·gist – A doctor in the branch of medicine dealing with the physical, chemical, and biological properties of tumors, including study of their development, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  • smart ass – Someone who is sarcastic, in a cutting yet witty manner. A person capable of making a remark that could be interpreted as an insult or a joke depending on the sensitivity of the listener and the specific situation. A smart ass is not necessarily a bad person just usually perceptive. ( For terms to refer to an offensive, cruel and asinine person see Jerk, Asshole , idiot, fool etc.)

Of the two definitions listed above – guess which one I am. I’m apologizing ahead of time.

Since learning of our breast cancer our life as you know has been juggling and scheduling appointments, meeting new people associated with cancer, learning new driving routes through this lovely wine country of ours, reading medical books on surviving breast cancer, etc., etc.

It’s Monday, it’s nearing mid day and Bonnie picks me up in the parking lot.  As I’m standing there a colleague of mine walks by, looks up into the sun and says derisively “I’d rather be anywhere than here” to which I replied – “Want to go the oncologist?

We learned a ton today, but mostly we learned there are seriously beautiful people out there; namely Ellen the oncologists nurse.  It was a nice way to get things started.  Dr. Stanton stepped in and invited us to his office where it was all business. I took a number of mental notes for this blog while he went through the paperwork.  What I enjoyed most about his introductory session was that he never took his eyes off of Bonnie during the exchange. Not in a creeper way, but in a way that was telling her “you’re the one I need to hear from”.  Bonnie continues to impress the snot out of me with her confidence, her ability to ingest the information tossed at her and form meaningful questions to the man who will be a part of her life for the next five years.

We went to the pharmacy and had lunch at our favorite little Italian joint located nearby while her prescription gets filled.

Bonnie was placed on Tamoxifen today.  This drug is used to bout the estrogen positive cancer cells in her system.  This medicine is an antagonist (I like it already) of the estrogen receptor in breast tissue.  It has been the standard endocrine (anti-estrogen) therapy for hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer in pre-menopasual women.  Side effects: HOT FLASHES.  Hell we sleep with the windows open and the ceiling fan cranked to the max as it is – these side effects should not be an issue.

For those of you planning to be on Jeopardy remember that Tamoxifen was discovered by ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca) and is sold under the trade names Nolvadex, Istubal, and Valodex. However, the drug, even before its patent expiration, was and still is widely referred to by its generic name “tamoxifen.”

As Paul Harvey used to say … “and now you know the rest of the story …

Of course … we’re still on page 2 and we’re very thankful you’re here with us.

Logan is setting the table and putting tonight’s dinner on the table … WOO WOO!


Keep her close you guys …







2 thoughts on “Lab Coats & Lunch

  1. your comment to your colleague. It puts things all into perspective for the rest of us. Health is #1!
    Bonnie, It is so important to feel comfortable with your physician. It sounds like Dr.Stanton is giving you the attention you deserve. Hope the side effects of tamoxifen are not too bad. You will be joining the rest of us as we “flash” at the most inappropriate times. Advice for Paul, windows / fans just don’t cut it. When you see Bonnie stripping, just stay away!!! 🙂

  2. As Betsy can attest, hot flashes are a very positive thing here on the east coast in the middle of winter. Husbands are smiling as the fuel bills have gone down! I’m so proud of you Bon for your confidence and positive attitude. Keep asking those questions…and Paul, each blog I read, I can hear that wonderful Boston accent as you speak. Love you guys

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