Wine – The Wonder Drug

Date: February 9th, 2011

Time: 8:15 AM

Status: Wine – the wonder drug


Oddly enough things have quieted down here.  We’re managing our time, our schedules are being coordinated nicely and our two girls are doing what they need to do.  Taylor, our oldest is one hard-working young lady at the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism where she’s become the Asst. Editor to THE DAILY GAMECOCK and Logan is soon to become the pride of the Petaluma High School swim team.  LuLu, the bundle of bulldog provides each of us with all the love she can each and everyday as she warms up to us in her own special way.

The nurse navigator at Women’s Sutter Health has been a godsend to Bonnie in particular and after meeting her oncologist this week I really feel we are both (this includes anyone reading this) in very capable hands.

This week’s agenda includes meeting Bonnie’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Cynthia Goodman at Marin General.  We hear nothing but positive praise about this veteran and I’ll provide more on that session sometime tomorrow.

Bonnie’s bi-lateral mastectomy is scheduled for March 14th (not quite the Ides of March, whew!) and as I’ve said things are rolling smoothly right now.  We’ll know more after meeting with Dr. Goodman.

You know I’ve been reading quite a bit these days and Bonnie even commented this morning on how much I’ve retained about the subject but there’s one term I can’t find in the index of any book related to Breast Cancer Recovery and it’s a term (or noun) we’ve been using extensively since we learned of the news on January 14th.

What’s that term/noun you ask?


Wine has become the wonder drug for the two of us.  Yesterday afternoon around 3:PM I was sitting in the classroom with my students who all know what Mr. Cheney is going through and my cell phone alerted me to an a new text.  The text from Bonnie read “Can I interest you in a glass of wine?” I smiled and proudly displayed it to the students and my envied colleagues.  You know I can never say “NO” to my wife and after putting on a pot of home-made spaghetti sauce we darted out to leave Logan keeping an eye on the sauce to a nice little place within walking distance from the house called “LUMA” where we enjoyed a new Austrian red by the winemaker Wohlmuth.  Their special last night was the 2006 Blaufraenkisch (a mouthful in itself).  This deep ruby-red garnet with intense blackberry-cassis spice was fresh and sappy with minimal tannins which absolutely hit the spot with the cheese board and the setting for the evening which included each other’s company, Julie the bartender, the varied customers and all the laughs we received at the texts we received from our friend Margie.

You guys have been outstanding at keeping her close … naysayers beware – we’ve got this thing covered – we love the support we’ve been receiving at both coasts and as you can see Bonnie’s Boosters is growing each and every day.


Keep her close you guys.




6 thoughts on “Wine – The Wonder Drug

  1. Ahhh, Wine, the nectar of the gods….and the Cheney’s, and the Ustach’s and the Daglis’s….well at least we have a definitive date now..countdown and this part of the chapter will be behind us all. Sounds like the medical support staff is great and Bon will be in good hands with Dr. Goodman. talk to you guys real soon xo

  2. What a way to end the day!!Wine,your wife by your side,laughter,beautiful views but, most of all you find the time for each other..That’s the most important thing…How I envy you…Much love to you both, Cheryl

  3. hi, paul from sunny florida . my little sister is a very lucky lady to have you for a husband!!! we all know what we all went thru when we choose our respectable spouses and i have to say she hit the jackpot..i have enjoyed reading your daily blogs and it has made me laugh and cry as i am finally coming to terms of what my sister is going thru, thankgod she has you and your daughters and all the wine ,more than she will ever be able to get thru,,,lol I am so amazed at both you and bonnies attitude and from what i have learned and read attitude is the best medicine..someday hopefully not to far away you will look back and say how did we get thru this and i will tell you both with alot of courage and a whole lotta love…we have been thru alot and i hope we have come full circle to were i have always wanted to be, a true loving big sister who knows that you both are going to come thru this just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love to you both big sis

  4. Sounds great! Glad you guys have cultured your taste buds since our lunch runs in the Soo. Keeping you guys in our thoughts. As the the Dead would say:

    We can share the women
    we can share the wine…
    – “Jack Straw” – GD

  5. You both certainly have a special thing going on. It is so heartwarming to hear the love you have for each other. What a better way to spend time together….drinking wine at a beautiful vinyard!!! Glad to hear you are enjoying life and more importantly, each other.
    Cheers to you both! xo

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