Friends & Family

Date: February 11th, 2011

Time: Early morning west coast

Status: The Weekend Approaches


There’s truly something to be said about a great night’s sleep, particularly when the weekend is directly in front of you. I look over to the breakfast counter where the books on the subject have started to pile.  They’re at my hip each day I go into work which is normally how I spent my lunch hour; reading, taking notes, preparing for another event.

My lunch hour changed recently and I thought I’d share the events around this as we all head into the weekend where we are all cancer free, at least temporarily.

The mornings around here are started by the smell of the coffee being brewed, lunches for each of us being prepared and Bonnie’s first cup of the day is delivered bedside right at 6:AM.

This past Wednesday I had forgotten to take my Red Sox cooler out of the backseat to place in the refrigerator at work.  Roast beef and pepper jack sandwiches, a bottle of ice water and a jar of homemade pickles (homemade, really?) … so around the time I normally use for lunch I went out to the car, popped the back hatch and decided to have lunch out here in the back forty with mother nature.  Just as I started this a colleague on his way up to the mini-mart on base asked “what are you doing … starting a picnic?” I told him to grab a sandwich and c’mon back. While I waited for him to return I picked up the phone, called cousin Cheryl, checked in with her and then turned on the XM radio (Channel 56 – Jam On) and finally spent a lunch hour relaxing in the sun.  This was good.

Tony (see Bonnie’s Boosters) came back from the mini-mart where we started to create master plans including gas grills, lawn chairs, and wondering the entire time if we could get away with this.  We’re going to start things small … lawn chairs and lunch today as the students have a half day which means we’ll have the place to ourselves entirely.

Why all this information on the way I spent/will be spending my lunch hour?

The answer is “Friends  … friends and family” will help you get through any tough situation … but sometimes you need to initiate the plan yourself.

So I did.

The weekends here are cancer-free as we open our doors to Cindy and her gorgeous daughter Giovanna who are coming up from San Jose for the weekend with a dog of their own (they’re dog-sitting) … so this should be interesting for our bundle of bulldog LuLu.

Like I said – friends and family.  What more could you ask for?

Wonder if we have enough wine …

Keep her close you guys.

P.S. – Welcome aboard Nancy from Word Press … I enjoyed reading your comments yesterday.  Funny how one small word can create a lifelong connection.  Surreal isn’t it?




3 thoughts on “Friends & Family

  1. So you’re Sox fans, too? We *are* connected and it is surreal! We go to Fenway every summer (I missed this past summer for the 1st time in 9 yrs). Cheers to you & Bonnie this weekend. And thx for the shout-out!

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