Home is where …

Date: February 16th, 2011

Time: 7:30 AM PST

Status: Home is where …

Info: The disc jockey this morning quotes a line I thought very appropriate: “It’s never too early to listen to live music”.  Thank goodness for my XM radio and the many variations available.  My mornings, as our recent guest will attest begins with the Doors song “Break on Through to the Other Side“.  During the ride in this morning the Allman Brothers were singing about going home and as I got out of my car the Canadian geese above appeared to be doing just that.  Poised, directed and with purpose.  The “V” pattern of those honkers looked as though they knew just where thy were going.

After a colorful eighteen year stint along the shores of Massachusetts I found it was time to pack a bag and follow those geese and that’s exactly what I did.  Over the years I’ve returned home a couple of times and realized home is really where the heart is.  Home is where you get your mail.  Home is where you hang your hat.  Home right now is along the river where the sculling teams show their skills, where our bundle of bulldog LuLu gets walked, where our daughter Logan has her friends come and visit, where the backyard barbecue grill invites the neighbors to the smells of dinner, where the celestial patterns above shine brightly, where the USC Gamecock flag flies proudly, where the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics are revered and where the grape is found in many a bottle after the 4:PM whistle blows.

The month of February is fairly wide open with regards to meeting with any members of Bonnie’s surgical team.  Her team has been assembled and when that calendar is turned and March headlines things like pre-op, surgery (including plastic), post-op, oncology appointments and inbound flights from the east coast all begin to materialize.

Thank you to the inventors of the internet.  Without it we’d be doing this with you all over the phone.  Remember that big hulky unit attached to the wall of your kitchen and a cord long enough to double as a dog leash?  Our kitchen is telephone free, although there are three cell phones at any given time sitting on the breakfast bar each morning.  One of them actually plays “Break on Through to the Other Side” each morning at oh-dark-thirty.  Sorry Cindy!!

That’s a song I will CRANK when our surgery is complete and Bonnie is wearing her yellow Boston Red Sox hat and yelling at the television with excitement as the SOX finish victoriously … Fenway’s opening day is against none other than the crew from the Bronx on the 8th of April – twenty five days after surgery.

We’ll be watching the game here in our HOME.

Keep her close you guys.




One thought on “Home is where …

  1. As I sit here watching the Boston Celtics playing New Jersey, the Boston Red Sox have started spring training in Fort Meyers; on the East coast it’s trying to warm up…the days ahead are trying but,you have something soo special,the love of so many friends,family and most of all each other…You are an example of the whole package;Love and each others best friend..oh how lucky we are to have you two to set and example…thank you for your love…Cheryl

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