One Darn Good Couch

Date: February 17th, 2011

Time: Dinner

Status: The Sleep Cycle in All of Us

Info: A pattern seems to be developing concerning our  post 4:PM sleep.

This past Monday evening we sat down together after work.  Logan knocked out her homework, I worked the grill, Bonnie worked on finding a comfortable spot on the couch preparing for our first day of the week dinner at the table (oddly enough we’re using the same kitchen table Bonnie grew up with).  This was a relaxing Monday, though the weather wanted to provide some opposition it was going to have to bring a bit more than rain to keep me away from the grill where the NY strips and asparagus met their demise.

So after a couple of episodes of Two and Half Men and whatever else the airwaves provide on Monday night … oh yea … The Bachelor.  We called it a night and so did a couple contestants.  Yes I watch it – I’d put NESN on and watch the Bruins but there’s no NESN out here :(.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (tonight) we’ve each traded roles on the couch.

What do I mean?

Tuesday night after work Bonnie sat down on the couch and possibly during conversation she nodded off.  Tamoxifen? Pooped from work? A tough night sleep? Combination of all three? While she slept Logan and I prepared dinner and after a nice 2 hour snooze Bonnie was treated to a great dinner.

Wednesday night was my turn and I don’t know what came over me.  As we watched the evening news I knew my time was limited.  After the gang from Romeo’s pizza arrived at the front door and the box was recycled … well, so was I.

Tonight? … Logan’s turn.  Bonnie and our oldest are on the phone.  LuLu has been fed.  A new grape has found our address and the succulent smells of sausage, peppers and onions invade.  Poor Logan … swimming is kicking her butt, and along with keeping up her studies has become a grind.  Early morning swim, afternoon swim, working on the student newspaper, selling ads, etc., etc.

One darn good couch!!

Wonder what our Friday evening holds.

There’s no cancer talk or discussion this evening.  As the previous blog mentioned – this month is fairly wide open.  Should anything appear on the radar you’ll be the first to find out (or almost).

Michelle – thank you SO MUCH for your phone call earlier this week – one day we’ll actually talk to each other at the same time rather than trading voice mails.

Long weekend awaits!!  So does the rain.  Oh well … am sure there are some fantastic Cabernet, Pinot Noirs and Zinfandels to come out of it … can vineyards grow in the snow? I should know the answer to that.   Just kidding to all you New Englanders out there!!

Keep her close you guys.




One thought on “One Darn Good Couch

  1. Sleeping on the couch is a good sign — for all of you. It may seem at first blush to indicate stress and exhaustion, but I like to think of it as cocooning, hibernating before the big push toward a new, better beginning. Or, maybe y’all were just really tired! But it sounds good, right? Thinking of you and hoping the weekend brings the right amount of down-time, wine and gentle showers.

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