One Darn Good Weekend

Date: February 21st, 2011

Time: 9:30 AM

Status: One Darn Good Weekend

Info: The unknown is possibly one of the greatest  mysteries available.  Who knocks on that door? Who’s calling me now? It’s raining? So what – let’s go exploring anyway.  After learning about breast cancer – I mean really learning about it – there’s very little that’s left in this world of ours that’s going to shock either of us – shit – perhaps the four of us.  Even though our oldest is sitting in a dorm room working her butt off over 3,000 miles – this too affects her as well as the beautiful little girl I sit here on the couch with watching one of our favorite movies; Invincible.  I’d like to think she loves this movie for the rough and tumble south Philly football, but something tells me that kid Mark Wahlberg may really be the reason.

The unknown element to the weekend really began early on Friday morning when I walked into my boss’ office to give him an update.  A friend and colleague asked if Bonnie and I would like to have dinner with them.  I let her know our evening plans with Logan and she completely understood – but the more I thought about it – and the fact they literally live within a pitching wedge’s distance from our back door I immediately walked back into the office and invited her and her husband to the house for wine and song and we can “figure things out from there.”

Logan’s school plans wrapped up earlier than expected and as Bonnie went to the school to pick her up Carrie called and I said “give me fifteen minutes, and c’mon over” …

Multiple bottles of wine, homemade tortilla chips, homemade PAULSA® and a bevy of bullshit later – the recycling bucket was max’d out.  We bid our goodbyes around 10:30 and thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of the evening on the couch together listening to our local jazz station.  P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

… and it’s only Friday of a long weekend.

Thank you Carrie and Lew for providing a nice bottle of wine and all the honesty and laughter.  I’m already looking forward to that bushel of Pacific oysters and firing up the barbecue in the park across the street!!  Neighbors beware …

Our Saturday was spent recycling and grooming.  I picked up a couple of bucks recycling our plastics and glass and then ran the Lu-dog down to the pet groomer for a morning spa treatment.  The remainder of the day included a trip to Olive Garden “if you’re here you’re family” … texting Taylor and then Bonnie and I rotated naps on the couch, oh and the book I ordered for Bonnie came in the mail: UPLIFT by Barbara Delinsky.

Our Sunday, normally a day that starts with fresh bagels toasting, bacon grilling and eggs made to order … this particular Sunday, due to the long weekend status was spent enjoying the SUNSHINE … something we’ve missed greatly this past week.  The sun poured through the living room windows as if invited and we loved every minute of it.  I spent sometime at the computer terminal putting in a contest entry application for HGTV – deets to follow, but other than that the grape was poured later in the afternoon, the crew from Chinatown met us at the door at least once and we settled in for a comfortable evening as a family.

In the movie Invincible the main character Vince Papale does the impossible – he’s a 30-something bartender who makes the final cut with the Philadelphia Eagles and ends up playing professional football for a number of years.  He did the impossible – perhaps the improbable.

Breast cancer is not impossible, nor is the recovery, and with the forces we have around us … this blog, the Lu-dog, our massage therapist paying us a visit later this afternoon, our network of friends, Bonnie’s Boosters, the grape, and the kitchen table where some of the greatest tales have been told … we’re prepping for a good tale in the very near future.

Twenty one days until our surgery.  I appreciate you walking beside us.

Keep her close you guys,




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