A Friend’s Obituary

Date: February 22nd, 2011

Time: 3:00 PM PST

Status: Dealing with bad (sad) news

Info:  I’ve often thanked the internet within this blog for spreading the word. In an instant we can read news, sports, and the goings on in the world as fast as turning on the radio or the television. There are multiple pathways regarding what we want to view and all of it resides on our home computer, or the one we carry in our bag back and forth to work each day.

I receive my news at 4:PM each day. Just as I am rolling out of the front gate and starting my ten mile commute I change my XM radio from “Jam On” to Channel 144 – Mad Dog Radio and the Dino Costa show. Albeit I can’t receive a ton of news information in the quick ten/fifteen minute drive, but the host of the show is seriously entertaining. He’s loud, he’s brash, he’s opinionated and straight to the point – all quality attributes as far as I’m concerned. Oh yea – it’s all sports.

So for the daily news we sit together on the couch and watch the local group here in San Francisco talk about a killing or two in East Oakland and then Diane Sawyer with ABC World News tonight and there’s been no shortage of news recently with all that’s going on starting in Cairo, continuing in Bahrain, Libya, and even the state house in wonderful Madison, Wisconsin of all places.

We read our news, we discuss current events at the kitchen table, some things never change and I’ve truly become desensitized by most of it, but today I learned some news that deeply saddened me. Bonnie and I were in line for lunch, we enjoy working on the same campus so having lunch together is just a bonus and while in line I recognized someone from my past. I shot him the quizzical look, and then I did something I almost NEVER do and that’s engaging that person. I walked up, introduced myself and like waves crashing over the break-wall he told me a former coworker of ours had passed away at the age of 47 from a heart attack. I used to car pool with this guy during my days in southwestern Cape Cod. We used to watch the NFL together and do the things guys do – after I retired things faded, but never for one minute did I ever expect to be hearing about Bobby’s passing.

News comes in varied forms and I’m very thankful I learned this news from someone from my past rather than reading about it on Facebook or the like. I spent some time on line after lunch looking up Bobby’s obituary and then finally posting a comment on the online version. Reading some of names of those who posted comments also brought back a ton of memories – and every darn one of them was a good memory as well.

Those days in Woods Hole were truly a godsend, one that will have to be reserved for possibly another blog at a later time after we fix Bonnie and get back on our feet.

Speaking of Bonnie … I’ve received a few questions from some of Bonnie’s co-workers regarding the word “WINE.” Evidently it’s [wine] starting to appear more and more in this blog. People have started to ask questions. All tongue in cheek of course, but questions nonetheless. Yes – we enjoy our wine. When in Rome, right?

I started reading the book Uplift by Barbara Delinsky this afternoon and no sooner did I pick it up, I started thinking about my buddy Bobby and what his family must be going through.

Take care of each other … be nice to each other – seriously. You just never know what your last words may be.

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “A Friend’s Obituary

  1. “You just never know what your last words may be.” Isn’t THAT the truth. I am sorry about your loss of your friend Bobby. This post hit home for me. It’s been awhile – 4 years 7 months since I lost my best friend. As you know my whole world fell apart and my future disolved instantly. How grateful I am that our last words to each other were “I love you.” God bless!

  2. In 3days,it will be 5 years since my beloved Chris passed away suddenly at 54. Everyday is a true blessing…as above comments…my life also stopped…Paul I know how you feel…Now lets get back to beautiful Bonnie..you brought the sunshine back to Petaluma..must be that great smile and your laughter..a cousin knows…in my thoughts always ..love to all

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