Satan’s Kiss (with a twist)

Date: February 26, 2011

Time: 6:AM

Status: Active communications

Info: I was standing in the waiting area last night, waiting for the uni-sex lavatory to open up and I glanced at the clock which read 7:PM on the dot.  While waiting I revisited the conversation I had just had with the owner of the establishment.  We had spoken in the past, but this time I provided her my name and my apology.  You see – the first time we met Kate, her restaurant “LUMA” had just opened.  Bonnie and I being explorers or all things regarding the grape, and good food happened upon her place about a month or so after she had opened her doors to the public.  I wrote a little restaurant review about LUMA in the local online paper, and although we didn’t truly enjoy our first visit – we knew we’d be back.  Along comes the 2010 Christmas holidays and right before the Christmas break I called Kate, provided her my name and phone number and made a reservation for New Year’s Eve.  I think Kate called me at least four separate times checking up on my reservation in the interim – odd, but okay – thorough perhaps?  She informed me she loved the energy she received over the phone and can’t wait to meet in person.  Fast forward a few day s… we’re nearly eight hours before the ball drops and I have to cancel our reservations.  All this work, all these phone calls and the three C’s are going to be doing their own version of the Auld Lang Syne right here in the living room? 😦  Logan’s plans fell through – and we certainly weren’t going to leave Logan home along while we’re out hooting it up, so here I am, nearly three months later shaking the hand of the owner, and now providing a face with the name and as she hearkens back to the New Years plans and preparations says “we can never have enough good communications, right?” My mind was racing and wanted to say “you have no idea!”

This is the first email I opened yesterday afternoon:

Communique #1

Dear Paul,

I can’t think of any better therapy than writing. Your blog is remarkable, and I’d be pleased with any exposure that UPLIFT might receive since I donate all of my proceeds to breast cancer research. We rely on word-of-mouth to keep this book on the shelves.

Please know that I’m thinking of the two of you, and I hope UPLIFT brings you comfort and companionship.


Barbara Delinsky

Communique #2


Communique #3


Communique #’s 4, 5 and 6

Several emails banged out to members of this network discussing the same.  I was excited.  I can’t say I’ve ever been contacted by an actual author before – other than our oldest daughter Taylor who is published nearly every day in The Daily Gamecock, with previous work on the Post and Courier.  I had sent the blog to Barbara in a way of expressing thanks to her for her book Uplift.  She asks for people with nine years of survivor time to contact her and share their stories.  We have something like nine weeks “notification time” right now, but I thought what the hell … what’s the worst that can happen – she never reads it? SUBMIT.

Back to Kate – she’s right of course. We can never have too much good communications.

Bonnie and I enjoyed the offerings of grape for the rest of the evening.  A truly happily spirited barkeep; Julie recognized us from our last visit.  Bonnie and I were able to score two PERFECT spots at the bar and Julie started pouring.  Th communications with Julie started off nicely and then we ordered the cheese plate … “sorry, we don’t carry that any longer” … what? Bummer … there was some brief explanation about why and the logistics of working with a new creamery, etc., etc., but you know where that information goes when you have your heart set on something.  Oh well – we jokingly referred to her as a ‘heartbreaker’ which she completely understood and we ventured.  Actually Bonnie ventured, and I do love it when she deviates from her intended course, even if slightly.  Bonnie is not one to gamble – and this is particularly true when it comes to food.  Tonight she threw caution to the wind as we ordered the Blue & Brie Fonduta as our appetizer.  No cheese board, huh?  We’ll see about that.  We asked Julie to have the chef prepare this fonduta with as little blue cheese as possible, but still enough for a bite … AMAZING results.  We really can never have too much good communications, ya know? Served with a fabulous array of toast points and a honey pear syrup – we both toasted our respective reds and knew tonight’s choice of restaurants was a good one.  I do love it when she ventures.

So what is Satan’s Kiss?

Glad you asked.

We could have gone directly to the dessert round – never a favorite of mine – no sweet tooth here.  Upon arrival Bonnie was poured the last glass of Blaufrankisch, our new favorite Austrian varietal. After a number of tastings we decided to purchase a bottle and there it stood in all its’ glory while we enjoyed our first Friday night out in a number of weeks.  So instead of ordering dessert, and with the tall order that stands in front of us we decided to try an entrée – why not pizza, right?  Pizza works for breakfast, it works for lunch and it goes extremely well when you’re sitting in the two best seats in the house – but we have a question.  Can the chef replace the ricotta with goat’s cheese? Upon hearing this request Julie remarked “right on, great call”ORDER IN!

The name of the pizza is “Satan’s Kiss” … a wood fired creation of tomato sauce, roasted peppers, homemade italian sausage, mozzarella, GOAT CHEESE and leeks.  Fabulous, and a eye-catching title for the blog I’m writing in my head the entire evening.

Logan arrived after her night out at the local theater with her girlfriend and she saddled up alongside us looking so pretty.  She indulged in a massive slice of their homemade Key Lime pie.  The crowd had thinned out and we finally called it a night.

I’ve rambled … I know, but there’s something special going on and I don’t want it to just pass by like last night’s storm … there’s good energy here in our home and it’s coming from you. It’s coming from Bonnie’s friends and family that are thinking of her daily.  It’s coming from people like Mary who have placed Bonnie’s name into a prayer pouch.  It’s coming from the incredible support she receives everyday from her coworkers; Toni and Paul (and a host of others).  It’s coming from Michelle who provides couple massage therapy.  It’s coming from phone calls and voice mails from Frannie and Cheryl.  It’s coming from Margie whose ears had to be burning last night as Bonnie and I laughed while reminiscing about her nights spent at Pewter Pot on Endicott St in Danvers with her mother Lois.  During that time frame I was of course busy “protecting the coast” … 🙂

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Satan’s Kiss (with a twist)

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Uplift! I too got a personalized response from Barbara Delinsky that just made my day! I didn’t know she had a 9-yr survivorship minimum for comments; that’s too long for me to wait to share my experiences! Hope you & Bonnie have a great weekend; sounds like it’s off to a really good start.

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