Date: February 27th, 2011

Time: Noon

Status: It’s all about Teamwork

Info:  I know you’ve all heard “there’s no I in team” … and then there’s the common response … “but there is a ME”.  Not around here!  We all work together very well with each other.  Some of you may know I have two blogs running concurrently; Life With LuLu and this one here. The Life With LuLu blog is not updated as often as this one and that’s not to say LuLu herself is not as important as the news and information I share with all of you regarding our breast cancer, but Life With LuLu was the first blog I ever created to dog-ument our adventures with the bundle of bulldog we rescued back in October, 2010.  Right now she lies at the end of the couch where Bonnie is resting.  The girls are watching Finding Nemo (I can’t believe they haven’t found that fish yet).  Life with a DVR often saves us when the 800 television channels provided by Comcast offers little. Need to look into ordering the MLB package so we can begin our season watching our beloved Boston Red Sox!!

We’re big fans of the Food network, HGTV specials and our favorite show Two and A Half Men is on every night at dinner time.

Saturdays and Sundays around the house are generally reserved for catching up on those things we didn’t find time for during the week; laundry, grocery shopping, the garage, recycling, etc.  This weekend was no different.  Yesterday we spent time putting together our menu for the week which helps when we’re pushing a cart down the grocer’s aisles.  We’re massive carnivores. There I said it, but with the help of Logan things are turning around.  We’re now planning more pasta dishes, more salads and every afternoon we stop by the Petaluma Market for fresh blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, apples, grapes, strawberries and melons.  I spend about fifteen minutes after getting home slicing and dicing these local products into a red wine glass for our evening dessert – and they are delicious.  No sugars, no liquor, nothing added – it’s a nice treat at the end of the evening and healthy.

Our oldest daughter will be home on Friday – spring break in Northern California.  Had anyone told me this is where we’d be when she was accepted at the University of South Carolina two and a half years ago I’d have thought you’d be crazy.  Glad to be here.

We’re all okay – the weather is idyllic and I’ll be baking a Rye Beer Bread later.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Turns out they found Nemo … whew!

Keep her close you guys.




One thought on “Teamwork

  1. I’m so happy Taylor is home for spring break! I’m sure you guys are thrilled to have your baby girl home 🙂 Enjoy the week with her…

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