A Daughter’s Determination

Date: March 5th, 2011

Time: 7:30 PM

Status: A Daughter’s Determination

Info:  Since being diagnosed with breast cancer there has been a ton of reading required.  We’ve read books on recovery, we’ve read books on plastic surgery, we’ve read important information on the prescription drugs related to the cure and then there’s the offshoot; the associated blogs related to surviving breast cancer and that is what I’d like to talk briefly about tonight.  One of Bonnie’s supporters who is already a breast cancer survivor tells a story about her daughter – the one element in her life that could not be forgotten during her five years of battling.  A touching story but one that I was so proud to read because the survivor took the time to write about that one special person in her life that kept her going.

It’s now the month of March and way back in January the news was delivered.  It was then this whirlwind of events began to take place.  Biopsies, trips to Santa Rosa, a medical team, THIS BLOG, calls to our insurance company to ensure there are no financial surprises in the interim and in the end, building a network, phone calls, tears, questions … ETC!!

You know how I feel about being a “team” player – in life, at work, on the ball field, and here in the house, and tonight while I wrestle with a massive head cold, three of us are on the couch watching Chopped All-Stars on the Food network … so where is our youngest?

I’ll tell you.

I just walked out of the kitchen where Logan is preparing tonight’s dinner.  Only moments ago she just pulled out a tray of delicious brownies and she’s right back at it working on a roman style fettucini with chicken and prosciutto.  While I watched the television program I glanced over into the kitchen and was really proud of what I was witnessing from our youngest.  My visit to the kitchen was to simply remind her there’s no rush to preparing a good dinner.  While showing her how to slice and dice two cloves of garlic I whispered to her how proud I am and for her not to worry about the comments from the peanut gallery.

There’s just something about watching your own taking care of business, with true confidence in preparing a full-scale dinner – by the way the smells from the kitchen right now are amazing 🙂 – the pride I have in our daughter right now had to be documented and shared with all of you – she’s truly a delight and she LOVES having her older sister home from college.

This determination she shares with us right now will truly take her to places we’ve all dreamed of.

One proud Papa.


Keep her close you guys.







One thought on “A Daughter’s Determination

  1. Logan sounds like one special girl! Hope you are enjoying your time with your girls. Nothing better than having everyone home…..where they should be! Enjoy Paul & Bonnie! 🙂

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