Mother Nature

Date: March 9th, 2011

Time: 8:AM PST

Status: Mother Nature

Info:  According to the sources on the internet, which is always factual ( 🙂 ), the first day of spring this year is to arrive March 20th.

Today is March 9th and in less than a dozen days our friends on the east coast will be on the lookout for the Crocus and Trillium which generally mark the beginning of the season. I always thought it was the Girl Scout cookie!! But how will they find these plants with all the wild weather they’ve received this past winter … and now flooding?

Last night’s evening news reported New Jersey and southern New England states are literally under water. After much of the eastern U.S. has received more snow than usual, putting eastern New York and southern New England at an elevated flood risk. The Nutmeg State receiving more than 80 inches? While our friends residing in the Ocean State have snowpack ranges from 10 to 20 inches and all of this after suffering its worst flooding in two CENTURIES because of torrential rainstorms.

So, armed with all of this information, I started putting our “bitch of a sitch” into respective. Hearing the “C” word from your medical professional is an absolute show stopper – there’s no getting around that one … HOWEVER …  🙂 … there is light at the end of this tunnel and we will be as right as rain (no pun intended) when Monday, March 14th eclipses.

I think of the homes, all the possessions, neighbors relying on neighbors while watching their homes, cars, trucks and other belongings floating down a swollen river. Mother Nature can truly be unkind. Snow is one thing, particularly for the hearty folks back east – it’s expected, it’s fun when it begins marking a special place on the calendar but as Cousin Cheryl has repeatedly told us … “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – I JUST GO OUT THERE AND KICK IT!”

As newlyweds Bonnie and I lived in the northern reaches of Michigan; in a town known only on the Weather Channel as the “SOO” … Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan where snowflakes resemble anvils fall from October and right into May – no kidding. We shoveled three to four times a day without issue but hell look where we lived. Our basement was dry however. Each season we wondered how the foundation would manage and nary a hint of the melting white stuff ever made it into the lower dwelling – whew! There’s something to be said for good construction. Many of our neighbors were not so lucky. To quote Tom Waits from his song “Diamonds On My Windshield” … and a Wisconsin hiker with a cue-ball head/He’s wishing he was home in a Wisconsin bed/But there’s fifteen feet of snow in the East/Colder than a welldigger’s ass/and it’s colder than a welldigger’s ass.

Bonnie H-A-T-E-S the singer/songwriter Tom Waits … so I find it funny to quote him on her blog!

We made a deal when our time in the SOO was nearing an end and I promised her I would transfer somewhere warmer which is how we became proud homeowners in the Low Country for nearly seventeen years. Mother Nature had a few things to tell us during those years, including a house fire destroying 9800 pounds of household goods some eight days after I retired – NICE, right? We rebuilt of course while neighbors and friends, particularly the U.S. Coast Guard community came out in droves with donations, clothing, books for the girls, etc. We settled into our newly rebuilt home and months later along came Hurricane Floyd who tossed an eighty foot gum tree into our master bedroom. YIKES!

Mother Nature has a way of making us learn to respect what we have, when we have it while taking NOTHING FOR GRANTED. So is this a blog on Mother Nature, or are we going to discuss our favorite lady? What I wanted to express with this morning’s blog is that we are thinking of all of you out east dealing and what’s being thrown at you. Homes can be rebuilt. The items in the basement which are underwater can be replaced and yes – SPRING is just around the corner.

Today is Wednesday – and I know a number of blogs in the past has discussed our love for the grape. I’m happy to announce I have not opened a bottle of wine since last Saturday evening. Bonnie has stuck to her planned regiment – including no Tamoxifen and as I look at the Pre-Surgical Preparation check off list I have to laugh – and here’s why.

“You will not be able to drive after surgery. Please arrange for someone to pick you up following your procedure (not a taxi or bus).” Really? Really? Because I was thinking of giving my wife bus fare when I dropped her off.

Whatever we’re going through – it’s important and healthy to know there’s someone usually right next door that can assist.

Reaching out to all of you and with these daily blogs has made each of you a massive part of something pretty darn special. Thank you all for taking the time after shoveling, kicking the snow and cursing Mother Nature to visit Bonnie’s page as regularly as you have. Spring is coming – in more ways than one.

By the way … the check list continues by saying “It is not unusual to feel sleepy, lightheaded, or dizzy for several hours after surgery. Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours after surgery and not while taking narcotic based medications.”

Guess I’ll leave that zin at the house.

Keep her close you guys – thank you Carrie for your comments, thank you all for the phone calls and thank you Nancy for the tips on assisting Bonnie in post-op.




One thought on “Mother Nature

  1. Just have to share this remarkable discovery…there really is grass here..the snow is melting(wonderful thing)and its amazing what you find…found my spoon which prevented me from having my lunch in work….trust me when I say I really didn’t need the lunch if you know what I mean…Oy I can hear Nana saying so looks like your putting on a little weight…going to go outside and see what else I can you…

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