Japanese Imports

Date: March 11th, 2011

Time: 8:14 AM

Status: Japanese imports, also known as a “tsunami”

Info: Are we all asleep – or is it just us? As I busied to get myself prepared for the last day of work this week I delivered Bonnie’s coffee a little earlier than normal when she said to me “I heard my phone go off earlier.” I’m thinking who in their right mind is calling or texting my wife before the sun rises, and what could be THAT important? Bonnie goes on to explain to me she received a text from our friend Kathleen (Mt. “P” South Carolina) who is informing us we are under a tsunami warning. “Huh?” I go about my business and head to the shower while Bonnie turns on the local news. The local station is reporting we living in the San Francisco area can expect the first wave of the tsunami around 8:AM today. Then I remembered the earthquake that rocked the east coast of Japan yesterday. That cold shower always refreshes me, but never like this. Our local news is showing a mass exodus of people trying to get out of Half Moon Bay in an attempt to reach higher ground. I knock on Logan’s door and let the girls know the news. Logan’s first question: “Did school get cancelled?” Great question though Dad had no answer. So while those with enough gas in their tanks are seeking higher ground I’m thinking about Bodega Bay which is where I work. The coastline, which will clearly be effected, is just a bounce down the road. This is where we enjoy our weekends on the beach.

A blog reporter on the NOAA website states “The listing of a tsunami time does not mean that a wave is imminent. The listed arrival time is the initial wave arrival. Tsunamis can be dangerous for many hours after arrival, and the initial wave is not necessarily the largest.”

So although I had planned to let each of you know what our schedule is going to be regarding Bonnie’s surgery (still scheduled for March 14th) and how I had planned to communicate the news to each of you, it turns out Mother Nature (again) has something to say. This time it affects us here on the west coast.

In other astonishing developments … yesterday afternoon the news reported a 17-year old male student from local Windsor High School survived after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge!! The news reports the student was walking on the bridge with classmates and two teachers when he jumped at approximately 11:15 AM. California Highway Patrol officials say that friends may have dared him to jump but students who were there told the news that he’s a thrill seeker. You think? Surfers helped the student to the shoreline where he was able to climb from the water on his own. Medical examiners stated he suffered no severe injuries … UNTIL HE GETS HOME! On a dare? Are you kidding me? His news will be greatly overshadowed with the current tsunami warning. The things we continue to import from Japan, right?

Kathleen – thank you for your information. You know us – we hate to be the LAST to know about things like this.

Keeping our eyes on Crescent City

The blog I wrote entitled “Mother Nature” two days ago received the largest number of hits since February 2nd, though the comments were nominal I sit and wonder why that particular blog received so much attention. Was it the title of the blog or have the majority of you all finally stopped shoveling? Either way it’s great to see the response through readership she’s been receiving and although I won’t be lugging a laptop down to Marin General I will be doing my best to keep all of you posted via text. I’ve built a broadcast text function with my phone and with the push of a button you’ll all be receiving the same news as it happens.

Bonnie’s pre-op appointment yesterday was extremely beneficial and what I liked most about it is Bonnie’s determination. She repeatedly told Taylor and I yesterday at lunch “I AM READY, LET’S GET THIS DONE.” I remember back in February after meeting with the plastic surgeon when we were discouraged to find out we’d have to wait four weeks or so before surgery. Looking back now I can understand the reason. These past four weeks have been extremely helpful in the mental preparation process. Of course now that the weekend is upon us, a dinner tonight scheduled at our oldest daughter’s favorite Thai restaurant will serve as our “goodbye dinner” as she heads back East to continue her studies while we sit and wonder what Mother Nature has up her sleeve with regards to the tsunami.

Here’s an interesting fact – non breast cancer related – A cubic yard of water weighs in at about 1700 pounds. The sheer weight of all this water is remarkable. In my teachings I ask each of my students if they know the weight of a gallon of water. A gallon of water weighs approximately 7 pounds. I ask them this question so when they start to develop “out of the box” thinking and have a vessel calling in reporting they are taking on water at a rate of 100 pounds per minute they [students] can understand that poor sob is taking on an extra 700 pounds EACH MINUTE. It’s a real eye opener. I just love teaching!

I plan to leave work early this afternoon to relax with Taylor, complete her tax return, have a couple of cold beers and prepare myself mentally for our visit on Monday to Marin General. Bonnie’s scheduled surgery is to begin on or about 8:30AM and it’s expected to last from four to six hours, and she’s expected to remain overnight (possibly two). It’s out of our hands now – as always “keep her close you guys.” I’ll do my best to keep you advised via text and this blog once surgery is over.

In closing I leave you with the words of Jerry Garcia …

“Fare you well, fare you well / I love you more than words can tell / Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul.”

Keep her close you guys.



P.S. – Bonnie just shared our horoscope which I feel is fitting for this post:

Scorpio – You are facing a significant turning point as you are being forced to let go of your assumptions about your daily routine. Wherever your life has become too mechanized, lightning can strike and infuse new energy back into it. If you are flexible, this can be quite exciting; however, if you are fearful of change, this can be upsetting. Letting go of the past will help you be more fulfilled in the future.


4 thoughts on “Japanese Imports

  1. Talk about surreal..OMG that Tsunami news just blew me away! This is one time I wouldn’t want to be in Hawaii! Keeping you all in my prayers for your safety. Have a wonderful family farewell dinner with Taylor…safe travels to her and best of luck for a good, rest of the semester! I will speak with Bon over the weekend…counting the hours to just get this over with and behind her. We’re all here with prayers and support for all of you.

    • We’re thinking of you guys now, and especially this weekend; Monday for sure. Hopefully, the worst will soon be over and Bonnie will be on her way to a speedy FULL recovery.
      Safe travels to Taylor, and good luck to you all with the potential tsunami.

  2. Hey Paul. Had a good call with B this morning. She told me the same as you report – that she is ready – and knowing Bonnie, I dare say she is. I hope you are okay. I’ll watch for your text and please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do – you know I’m thinking of you all!

  3. Love Bonnie’s “let’s get this done” attitude, and know for a fact that it will help her sail right through this latest blip on the radar. Enjoy the last weekend between “cancer patient” and “cancer SURVIVOR!”

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