Recovery Update #1

Date: March 14th, 2011

Time: 7:30 PM

Status: Recovery Update #1

Info: We rolled out of Petaluma ten minutes ahead of schedule and rolled right into Marin General alongside the San Francisco commuters this morning.  Arriving early means incredible parking – almost as though they were waiting for us.  Which in our case – they were :).  After a brief paperwork session with reception Bonnie’s meds had obviously already kicked in as Logan and I watched her glide on down the hallway as if she knew exactly where she was going.  We let Bonnie go about her business acting giddy and we found the waiting room on the 3rd floor.  Our instructions were to press the red button when we arrived – this would alert the staff the patient of the day arrived.  Well you’ve all been in hospital rooms – this one was no different.  Couch replaced the bed and it was a comfortable sitting area but remember that red button right there in the middle of the wall with the words EMERGENCY above and below it? Well – it’s red and it’s too freaking early to be looking for another one – “Go ahead honey, press that one!” Well suffice it to say – the staff learned we were here.  An elder staff employee came RUNNING into the room, quickly followed by an RN, both out of breath when they got into the room – no one knew how to shut it off!! We started things off with a bang!

After the mayhem subsided and we sat back laughing at ourselves we were introduced to the lead RN who was followed by a number of other RN’s all adorned in the most comfortable green smocks money can afford. The Operating Room RN’s came in for a visit, both surgeons were on time. Both drew a treasure map on Bonnie’s chest with their own specialized Sharpies and before I could give my wife a legit hug and kiss – she was whisked away.

It was a quiet day at Marin General – at least as far as Logan and I could surmise.  We found the proper waiting room, then the cafeteria where Logan did her homework and I communicated with a great many of you via text.  While Bonnie’s surgery was beginning (9:AM) Logan and I took a short drive down the street – staying close just in case – and found a kick ass little diner (my favorite foods of all time come from diners and this one held the course) – popped into CVS for a couple of get well cards and then made our way back to Marin General to sit and wait.

The news finally arrived right around 3:PM from the anesthesiologist who told me she was quite the trooper – did very well and talked about her mother quite a bit while under sedation.  That’s a good sign! Bonnie and her mother had quite a relationship, one very similar that is developing between her and both our daughters – truly cherished.

Once she got settled into Room 4137  and we all took a long breath – Bonnie turned on the television only to find the RED SOX/NYY game on ESPN.  Now that’s truly a sign for a good recovery.  The SOX beat the bunch from Bronx 2-1 which is even a better sign.  Funny thing very few of you know about the tradition we share when watching those two teams – we NEVER SIT DOWN – NEVER.  We don’t even change out of the clothes we are in when the game starts – I know it sounds ridiculous but we take our RED SOX very serious around here.  No – she was not on her feet for this game however – we’ll call it a preseason gimme!!

Even our bundle of bulldog chipped in today – when we got home we expected a gift or two.  Turns out LuLu stayed right where we left her this morning with nary a problem.  Thank you Lu-dog.

All in all – it’s been a helluva day.  Bonnie is sore – she’s learning to work the pain pumps and the cancer that started this whole adventure has been removed.  Now we begin the recovery process – you’ll all be kept abreast (no pun intended) on how she’s getting along.  I’m here to tell you – she’s a tough woman with a high threshold for pain, but there’s no telling what we’re in for the next few weeks.

Keep her close you guys,




4 thoughts on “Recovery Update #1

  1. Bonnie comes from good stock!!! Aunt Lois(her Mom) never complained even though she had lots of reasons too!! She was tough!!! So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Hats off to Bon…Now onward to recovery…Love you all….

  2. Paul, I am so happy to hear that it is finally over…the surgery that is!!! Now Bonnie can only move forward and recover. Each day will get better and better. Hearing Bonnie was talking about her mom brought a big smile to my face. Obviously her Mama was right there with her. That truly is a wonderful sign. There is nothing greater than a mothers love!!! Paul, give Bonnie a hug and kiss from all of us. We are all praying for her!!! xo

  3. WHEW! So glad she’s doing well. I thought about y’all yesterday and sent peaceful vibes all day & evening. We too watched the Sox prevail over the Bad Guys in Pinstripes and it was great, but I must say I haven’t kept up with all of the new acquisitions and found myself wondering, who the hell is that? since when do the Sox have a number 68? where’d that guy come from? etc etc. Still, it’s good to see the Idiots on the field. Please give Bonnie a big (but gentle) underbelly hug and remind her that this is temporary. The cancer is gone!!! She is now officially a survivor. xo from Nancy

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