Recovery Update #2

Date: March 15th, 2011

Time: 6:30 AM

Status: Recovery Update #2

Info: Just a quick blast out to everyone to let you know Bonnie called me bright and early this morning wondering where my coffee is!! She’s ready for solid foods and she’s going to learn all about those drains today.

A number of you commented on yesterday’s blog (THANK YOU) but even more interesting – a number of people, some of whom I don’t know subscribed to it yesterday.  Funny how things happen – people arriving to the game in the 9th inning? Yeah plenty of seats, but the action, the excitement, and in most MLB parks – the beer – it’s all over.

Did I just say “it’s all over?” … truly I speak in jest as we do have ways to go.  Let’s all kumbaya  for a FULL and relaxing recovery.


Keep her close you guys.







4 thoughts on “Recovery Update #2

  1. YOu were in our thoughts and constant prayers through out the day. Each time I entered the office I looked straight in and saw her desk and missed her at work but knew she was in good hands – working on getting well again……

  2. “It’s all over” reminds me of a truism of this wretched “cancer journey” — it’s never over. They just keep moving the finish line. You get through diagnosis, then through all the testing, then through surgery, then through recovery, then through re-living, then through the maintenance and screening. Since it’s never truly over, you just keep on truckin’, as you and Bonnie will do, and you’ll do it beautifully. Lots of love and healing vibes coming from TX today.

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