Recovery Update #3

Date: March 15th, 2011

Time: Lunch

Status: Recovery Update #3

Info:  We were about ten miles from town late yesterday afternoon, and with the sun at our back I asked Logan what she’d like for dinner. Mind you RIBS were on the menu but we both knew the menu meant little to us at this hour. All I wanted was to sit down at McNears for a couple of ice cold draft Great Whites from the Lost Coast Brewery in Humboldt but here’s the problem. Logan tells me a number of her teachers like to frequent McNears on Mondays and they like to do the same at Tres Hombres on Fridays … so there’s the connection. Thanks for sharing Logan. Good to know the faculty at Petaluma High is quite different from those teachers I grew up (or are they??). We also knew we had to get home and treat the Lu-dog so we decided to call Romeo’s for a little Homemade Takeout and it worked out just fine.

Romeo’s rang the doorbell – LuLu responded – Logan sat down with her 8” pineapple and green pepper pizza and watched the final episode of The Bachelor while I worked on my 10” sausage and linguica and jammed out Recovery Update #1. My mental inventory tells me I had three beers in the fridge anyway …

While the San Francisco sunshine drizzles down the window and the visibility has been reduced to less than a mile I sit here making a mental list of things to do before heading to visit with our lady this afternoon.

Ξ Make a pot of coffee and pour into thermos

Ξ Fill her prescriptions

Ξ Purchase two bottles of zinfandel

Ξ Her cell phone charger

Ξ Grab her pillow from the master bedroom

Making check lists are a lot like appointment calendars – they’re only as good as you use them. Funny thing about appointment calendars happened last Sunday afternoon. When Bonnie and I began to realize the calendar was going to be very important in the next eight weeks or so we synchronized our calendars on the campus network which was very helpful as she would be talking to her nurse navigator scheduling things here and I was on the phone with other members on her team scheduling things as well. So this past Sunday afternoon while we’re all relaxing and mentally preparing for her big day a little pop-up reminder came up alerting us to her scheduled surgery on Monday morning. Whew! Good thing we had Google coordinating things for us. Just kidding … the calendar was well worth the time spent plugging in dates and times. It was funny though.

Even this little check list I created only moments ago made me think of bringing her pillow – that will be a treat for her for a good night’s rest this evening.

I’ve talked with her a number of times today and she sounds REALLY good – turns out walking sucks, but she’s been able to sit up a few times today and Marin General provides a newspaper cart with fresh juice and coffee – and this coffee is good. I’m still packing a thermos of my home-brew though. Those of you that have spent the night at Chez Cheney can attest – there’s really no better coffee than what I can concoct.

That’s all for today – should there be any changes after our visit later this afternoon (5:PM PST) you’ll be the first to know via this blog.

Thanks again for all your concern, your calls and your prayers.

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Recovery Update #3

  1. Tell her the walking gets easier each time (really, it’s true), and she’ll manage the drains just fine, too. Sadly, I didn’t get my last 2 drains removed at my appt today so I’ll be managing with them for several more days. Maybe you can smuggle some Zin into the hospital — if not for Bonnie, for you! SO glad she’s doing well.

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