A Guinness Pot Roast?

Date: March 17th, 2011 !!

Time: 12:45 PM

Status: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Info: Just before I left work yesterday my first stop was to the gymnasium where I dropped off my NCAA men’s basketball bracket choices – next stop was Marin General.  Now the games are on, I’m slow-cooking a pot roast basted in Guinness and the Lu-dog and I are enjoying some quality time with each other while Bonnie rests upstairs in the bedroom with her extremely active cell phone is at her side.

St. Patrick’s Day means something different to everyone.  Not too long ago Bonnie and I and our friends from Mt. P spent a glorious time celebrating the green in dear old Las Vegas.  I’ve spent this holiday in places like St. Croix, Copenhagen, Charleston, Boston, Cape Cod, New Orleans (ouch), Kodiak, our awesome hometown; Beverly, and even in the remote outpost of Sault Ste. Marie, Mi. My most memorable St. Pat’s Day had to be the day & night in Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI. The day started off with a tremendous bumpy bus ride from the neighboring town of Frederiksted.  My buddy Brophy and I jumped off the bus and headed to the liquor store where we both purchased a fifth of Jameson whiskey and then climbed to the top of a local home – yes clearly trespassing – and waited for the parade to begin.  A fifth apiece later we headed to the local golf course – played a delirious round of nine holes and before we knew it we were walking into the Brandy Snifter in Frederiksted.  How we got back across the island is anyone’s guess.  Brophy is a native of Buffalo, NY and he was great to go out steaming with.  We never knew what was going to happen next and as we walked into the Brandy Snifter he pulled a classic by asking if there were any Americans in the house.  This blog is G-rated so I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how he asked – he’s a loud sort so add that attribute. Turns out – everyone at the bar was an American and there was even a Buffalo native – go figure.  Brof and I started playing darts and if you’ve ever been down to the islands you’re aware that refrigeration is not their strong suit.  To our left stood ten or so cases of warm beer stacked on top of each other – and would you look at that – there’s a window right there.  Hmmmmm … so while one of us tossed a case out the window – the other went outside to retrieve it.  Shit – these aren’t twist offs! Oh well … we’re sailors, we’ll improvise.

Improvise is exactly how the rest of our shipmates found us at the end of the pier – and with an entire case of beer. Dive in boys … enjoy!

That’s just a glimpse at what I was like before Bonnie entered my life and THANK GOODNESS she did, right?

Today? So far, so good! We’ve taken care of her drains, we’ve read about lymphedema and how to ensure that nasty bitch doesn’t come into the picture … I visited the grocery store and started the evening meal.  Logan has a swim meet up in Healdsburg this evening so she’ll be starved when she gets home and she loves a good pot roast.

Now where did I leave my pint glass?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you.


Keep her close you guys.





3 thoughts on “A Guinness Pot Roast?

  1. Happy Paddy’s Day to you all too! I have just turned OFF my slow cooker – in which is my corned beef cooked in Guinness!!! Great minds, right. I’ll enjoy it with my Brit husband later on. Not sure Sarah will partake…. Glad Bonnie is resting and nso far sounds like things are going as smoothly as one could help for. Keep it up! Slainte! K–

  2. Happy to hear Bon is resting comfortably in her own home in sunny CA… a far cry from the madness likely going on in good ol Bean Town today! And…that’s not the only MADNESS going on! March Madness is in progress…one of my favorite times of the sports year! GO UCONN! Welcome home to my dear friend…today is truely a lucky day…surgery is behind her, she is home with her loved ones (Taylor in spirit)and the sun is shining again. Hugs to all of you!

  3. Well, I don’t even eat meat but I bet that pot roast smells divine, and is just the thing Bonnie needs today. So glad the recovery is going well. Been thinking about y’all and hoping that today was a good day.

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