Soup’s On!

Date: March 19th, 2011

Time: 1:PM

Status: An Irishman’s attempt at Jewish penicilin 🙂

Info: Things are really working out well for Bonnie this morning – we both slept well last night regardless of the incredible storm that rolled through our atmosphere early this morning.  Incredible sounds followed by diagonal rains.  We had a scheduled grooming for the Lu-dog at 9:AM that just wasn’t going to happen.  I called and rescheduled and after a brief visit to the local grocer (more on that later) I called Fit N’ Furry back to let them know I just wasn’t feeling it today … another weekend without a trip for a bath but the rains outside would negate it all anyway and to be honest with you the items on today’s agenda are Bonnie, Logan, a weekend chicken soup and the NCAA brackets, not necessarily in that order but pretty close.

As of late I’ve been diving into the cooking duties and LOVING it.  Really!  The other night’s Guinness Pot Roast was concluded with a comment from Logan who said “Dad, this is over-delicious.”  It included my first crack at making gravy and hell if you follow directions … that’s right FOLLOW DIRECTIONS – I said it, anything is possible! I seared and slow-cooked a three-pound chuck roast and there were no leftovers.  Enough said.

Today’s menu is weather driven.  The incredibly inclement weather, plus our special lady upstairs deserves what we used to call “jewish penicilin.”  Bonnie is a genius in the kitchen with chicken – be in fingers, roasted, baked, or soup she just knows what she’s doing so it was funny this morning as I ran the needed ingredients list by her and I could see her mind spinning.  After telling her to relax “I have this” out the door I went starting my expedition on my first crack at creating my own version.  Fingers crossed.

Bonnie is really doing well today.  Very talkative – but still in bed without worries.  Her breasts show no sign of infection, no purpling, and her “utters” were drained first thing this morning.  When I left she was on the phone and when I returned I could hear her on the phone again – so although we live out here where only a detective could find us – the magic of the cell phone keeps Bonnie connected with all of you.

As I write this I hear footsteps coming down the walk and as things turn out our door is open to Toni and her entire crew!! Toni’s daughters and Logan fire up the Mario-Kart and the adults sit down for a cup of coffee.

Soup’s on, friends here, LuLu is busy sniffing everyone’s feet and would you look at that — it’s past beer-thirty!!  No coffee for me.

Keep the calls coming everyone.  I’ll let you know how this Irishman’s experience with the Jewish penicilin turns out.  Something’s always cookin’ here regardless of what’s going on.  Fruit cups made for dessert as well.

Bonnie sits at the table with her friends, plenty of color in her face, and thankfully we were able to get her bathed yesterday.  She looks good you guys.

Keep her close you guys.




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