Brackets & Breakfast

Date: March 20th, 2011

Time: 9:AM

Status: Brackets & Breakfast

Info: A late text last night alerted me as to UCONN’s status in the men’s NCAA brackets.  I feel safe here, 3,000 miles from New Britain, CT to let Margie know I did NOT pick UCONN and as I look at the bracket challenge between my daughter and myself it turns out she did pick UCONN and I now find myself eleven points behind Logan.  Here in the house we have all kinds of sports challenges and if I’me going to get slaughtered it may as well be by one of our kids.  The NCAA bracket still has a long way to go and I’ll keep you updated.

Bonnie’s coffee has already been delivered, the soup from yesterday has been placed back on the stove and Logan is working the breakfast detail this morning.  Not sure if any of you know this or not – but my long-term dream was (yes “was”) to own a breakfast diner.  I’ve always loved the morning crowd.  People seem less stressed when the clock hasn’t yet reached noon and as this blog would sometimes attest, learning how to prepare food for the family is one of my favorite activities.

Can you believe it’s still raining?  While Logan works on mom’s breakfast I hung Fern Lundquist out in the front yard tree and picked up this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle.  We have no agenda today.  Bonnie’s “utters” did not require a draining this morning and her bum is a little sore from sleeping on her back all night but other than that she’s in good shape.  I think a bath, if nothing else, is probably in store today.

More times than not I normally have plenty of material information to blog on, but like picking winners in the NCAA brackets, it would appear today is not the day.

I knew this day would eventually arrive – it is the weekend, but come Monday morning I’ll be taking Bonnie to a different appointment at least four days this week providing plenty of material.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for sharing GOOD news with each future blog.

UCONN??  Really? I think I’ve provided enough hints in previous blogs to give you an idea who I’m pulling for.

Logan just walked Bonnie’s breakfast upstairs … good kid!!


Keep her close you guys.

Enjoy your Sunday.






One thought on “Brackets & Breakfast

  1. I spoke with Bon on Saturday and she sounds great! She is one tough lady :)She is so lucky to have such a loving and caring husband and two beautiful daughters helping her get through this recovery….Now, as for my UCONN boys..I am the ultimate optomist…and this is a Cinderella team. Every kid on this team is a freshman with the exception of their leader, Kemba Walker (Jr) and Alex Oriaki (So). Those kids play with their heart and sole. I have watched them since their first exhibition game and have all the faith in the world in them to go all the way. As you know, my baby Kyle is an Engineering student at UCONN and has attended all the Gample home games. How can we not root for our boys? That would be like turning a cheek on our beloved Red Sox! Have a great week and good luck at the appointments in store…I am sending positive energy, love and prayers to you all.

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