More in Store

Late night phone call / hard to focus

Listening with one ear / head in hand

Charting our position / stuck in the mud

Not yet a week / seven days please

Lymph nodes in question / pathology confirms

Still running the race / no finish line in store

I look at her face / we’re back in the war


6 thoughts on “More in Store

    • It felt good to let it out this morning. Shed some tears with a friend early, early this morning but after a brief visit home for lunch – you know what? So what! Been here before. Bonnie is in good spirits this afternoon – really good and Logan is home providing all the capable care she can. Thanks Nancy. I think I will keep writing.

  1. *huge hugs*

    It is always the after-calls – I used to hate them myself, they can rob you of focus as I could see you expressing yourself in your poem today.

    Therefore – in my prayers and wishes tonight it is some peace I will ask to have sent your way so that you can catch your breath and come out fighting together with renewed strength.

    You and your family are in our thoughts (my kids have been through some of this themselves – they understood the poem as well.)


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