Weathering the Storm

Date: March 21st, 2011 – SPRINGTIME!

Time: 1:PM

Status: Weathering the Storm

Info:  So let me first start off by apologizing to everyone for putting you all in a tailspin this morning. The stats counter for the blog shows double-readership for today over yesterday and I’ve only posted that one poem that I started writing internally last night after the call was received.

It helps to pound the keyboard and express my feelings but truth be told – she’s doing great. Remember that surgery we had on the 14th of March? Yea OUR BIG DAY … hell I should still be doing cartwheels down the hallway … wouldn’t that be a sight!

I ran home for lunch with Bonnie and Logan this afternoon and ALL IS GOOD. We enjoyed some quiet time with each other, the Lu-dog chimed in and it was an extremely pleasant lunch with my girls. Earlier this morning Logan bathed Bonnie, shampooed and dried her hair, shaved hit armpits (I’ll refrain from Logan’s comment on this part of her body) and drained her “utters.” Taylor even called with a surprise phone call so in the course of a morning, with actual sunshine coming through the windows we seemed to have weathered another storm.

Your comments (thank you Nancy, Cheryl, and Neillee), and your phone calls (thank you Margie and Mary) were all positive in every way. Yes we’ve weathered another storm together and the sun really is shining here … all positive signs.

We see the plastic surgeon tomorrow afternoon, the surgeon on Wednesday and then the oncologist on Thursday. With any luck (and I’m wearing my lucky BOSOX hat right now for just that) all reports from here on out will be far from the posture I took this morning.

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. THANK YOU for this post. This mornings poem was scary indeed. Been trying to call B all day – but this damn job keeps interfering!!!! Have to run to Teeter now (if my family is to eat anything at all!) and then collect Missy, but please tell Bonnie I’m thinking of her and will call very very soon!!!!!!!!

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