A Joyful New Day!

Date: March 22nd, 2011

Time: 9:AM

Status: A Joyful New Day

Info:  What a difference a day makes. The local meteorologists have been wrong two days in a row and their errors have provided sunshine on the first working days this week. NICE! I’ve had a pleasant phone call with the East coast this morning with Mary who will be arriving a week from this Friday – and with any luck at all Bonnie will get the green light from our visit with her plastic surgeon this morning on a little vino.

With each visit to the grocer I snag another bottle of zin to replenish the new wine insert in the kitchen and after we learned wine negates the powers of the antibiotics we’ve been able to restock nicely which will provide all the grape we need for Mary’s visit.

So today we visit with the plastic surgeon and hopefully we’ll be able to bid adieu to at least one utter in the process, remove the pain pump wiring and Dr. Goodman gives our special lady a clean bill to start her reconstruction. Details of course to follow.

We were visited by one of Bonnie’s coworkers yesterday afternoon bearing flowers and a bottle of zin – do they know her or what? Their stay was extremely pleasant and he and his girlfriend were able to get a visit in with LuLu who warmed right up to each of them.

It’s a good day here north of San Francisco. The sun is shining, Bonnie and Logan are doing extremely well with each other and there’s no dark prose coming from me today – and hopefully in the future. Fingers crossed as always, we’re all in a good frame of mind.

Looking forward to Mary’s visit – and then our representative from UCONN arrives !! Mary and Margie – thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to travel this far to visit with Bonnie. Safe travels to each of you. Say hello to TSA for me.

Tonight we feast on a gift provided by Bonnie’s sister Carrie. It’s Taco Tuesday at Tres Hombres and I’ll be carrying home of wonderful bag of Mexican for us all later this evening. Thank you Carrie.

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “A Joyful New Day!

  1. Feeling positive about today’s appointment. Good luck :)Counting the days to my visit with our special girl.

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