Getting Better … Much Better

Date: March 23rd, 2011

Time: 8:AM

Status: Getting Better … Much Better

Info: The great thing about the removal of utter #3 yesterday was one less utter to actually drain.  Dr. Goodman asked us to go on a strict 12 hour regimen on draining the utters so the records can reflect her goal of >30ml for a period of two days in each.  Next appointment with her is next Tuesday afternoon.  A lovely office, pretty receptionist and her infant son Daniel who was playing all kinds of havoc with a ream of printer fed paper yesterday.  Nice the boss allows her to bring her child into work – shows good character.  All in all I’d say we were in Dr. Goodman’s office for thirty minutes.  No signs of infection!!  Pain pump valve thingies removed.  Pictures taken and a clean bill of health later – we walked out into the rains and battled the weather and the traffic which in itself was painless as well.

Dr. Goodman gave Bonnie the green light on the red wine and after I poured her a glass yesterday afternoon Logan and I shuffled off to Tres Hombres to pick up a bag of Mexican goodness for dinner.  This was actually the first time we used the services of someone other than our own kitchen in a week and a half.  Nice.  Again – thank you Carrie for picking up the tab.  Much appreciated.

You know how I know Bonnie is getting better? This morning as I jumped into the shower I thought about asking her to join me.  You know – water conservation and all – keeping it green out here and after that momentary lapse I realized she is still not able to take showers.  The only reason I can provide for thinking like this (other than being a male) is that she’s really really upbeat!  We drained her this morning to find a nominal amount (both less than 30ml) … YAY … and now we’re off to see Dr. Norton; her surgeon.

Fingers crossed.

Keep her close you guys.

I apologize for the poor grammar in this blog … too excited to check and recheck.





4 thoughts on “Getting Better … Much Better

  1. Such a great update to read! Brightened my day to see this. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers for continued good news and positive environmental impacts. 🙂

    Love you all!

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