Friday #*&$^@)’n Night

Date: March 25th, 2011

Time: 6:PM

Status: Friday #*&$^@)’n Night

Info: Suffice it to say the weekend is about to start.  I’ve been home for just about two hours now.  As I pulled in this afternoon I noticed one of Bonnie’s co-worker walking towards the house with a gift bag.  This was a true treat to come home to.  His name is Paul (welcome aboard) as well, carrying flowers and Bonnie’s favorite snack; popcorn.  After a great and relaxing visit Paul left and I cracked and emptied a pair of Guinness’s into my favorite imperial pint glass, only after opening a kick-ass bottle of Joel Gott zinfandel for Bonnie.  She didn’t know I purchased it earlier in one of my grocery runs and it was nice to see her facial expression after the first sip.

Here’s something else I surprised her with.  A photo copy of the 250 quick pick lottery tickets for tonight’s California (and eighty other states) MegaMillions drawing.  A group of us at work got together and purchased the $250 dollars worth of quick picks for tonight’s drawing.  Everyone reading this now needs to cross their fingers – BIG TIME.  A modes $20 investment might just do the trick.

After conducting some recycling a few moments ago I found it odd to find my SUV pulled in.  I always back her in.  Hmmmmm… did the girls go for a little jaunt today?  Turns out they did.  Logan was upstairs laughing when I came in with the question – joyriding in my car.  Well I’ll be.

Tonight we ride.  Taking Bonnie and Logan out to our favorite little Friday night haunt; LUMA for a few well deserved cocktails and a meal.

How will I eat with my fingers crossed?  Well, I’ll let you know later.

Or will I?


Keep her close you guys.





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