Ahead of Schedule

Date: Sunday, March 26th, 2011

Time: 8:45 AM

Status: Ahead of Schedule

Info: It’s early Sunday morning and the rain has suspended.  It’s nice to pick up the San Francisco Chronicle in the morning and not find it securely wrapped in three plastic bags while the weight of it all keeps it from riding down the stream of water along the curb to my neighbor’s home.  It was nice to open the garage door this morning and see the streets fairly dry and the light from the sun across the green fields that are Sonoma County.  The view from the front of our house is special when the weather cooperates.

I’ve started a load of laundry, and even started dinner while Bonnie and Logan sleep.  How cool is it to be ahead of schedule and it’s only Sunday?  I normally reserve Sunday for grocery shopping, planning the week’s menu and starting dinner sometime in the late afternoon.  We did all of that yesterday and now have a full week’s worth of menus already slated.

Tonight is the Guinness Pot Roast (sans Guinness) … sadly I emptied (as a few of you will attest from pictures that were mailed via phone) the remaining cans of Guinness, so tonight’s roast is soaking in two cups of red wine and I’m expecting the same results as St. Patrick’s Day.

LuLu visited the spa yesterday, right now she stares at me from her bed after consuming her own breakfast.

When Bonnie and Logan awake they’ll do so to some wonderful scents coming from the kitchen and I’ll set up a breakfast for them, whatever they’d like when they do descend.

I really like starting the week off this way.  I dropped Bonnie & Logan off at T-Mobile yesterday after the demise of Mrs. Teapot. Logan affectionately names her cell phones.  This recent moniker came after Logan misplaced her phone into a steaming cup of tea.  Oooops.  She was extremely mature about things thereafter as well.  She never once complained about having a phone that repeatedly shut itself off, would not hold a battery charge and would drop letters while texting.  I’ve said it before – and I reminded her last night how proud I am of the way she handled the entire ordeal.  While in the aisles of the grocer I received a text from T-Mobile alerting me my current T-Mobile plan had changed and I thought “wow, they went in, and took care of business quick!” I credit that to the reviews Logan conducted on the various phones.  Thirty minutes later, with ice cream in the trunk, I met them at the local Starbucks where she displayed her new Nokia smart phone.  Bonnie upgrade my plan as well so I can now follow the Red Sox on my phone.

This morning I realized with all this technology, why not start using it in the kitchen?  So I’ve emailed my favorite recipes to my phone and now don’t have to worry about writer’s cramps while writing down each and every recipe longhand in the notebook I use for Bonnie’s survivor log.  Aaaah technology.

This week we wait to hear what Dr. Norton has found out regarding the re-examination of the tumor removed from her left breast.  We’re both confident we’ll hear positive news which means chemotherapy will not play a role in her recovery.  Fingers crossed.

Logan just came down the stairs asking the question “what’s that smell?” … now one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs is playing in my head.  No issues there.

I have to tell you about last night’s dinner … we schedule a homemade pizza for our Friday nights.  Well, you all know we went out this past Friday night – and yes – had pizza at LUMA.  One of the pizzas we tried was a clam and shrimp! Awesome results.  Little necks and shrimp on a white sauce.  So we had our pizza and a great bottle of ZIN from Maple Vineyard.  Another great tasting from the Dry Creek.  How lucky are we to be living in the mecca of all things grape?

Last night I put baked a homemade pizza that was named “Papa Paul’s Plattered Pizza of Pleasure” – a concoction of light sauce, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, green bell peppers, pineapple chunks and four types of cheese.  This was hands down a better pie that any we’ve ever ordered and SO EASY to put together.  I love cooking for the girls.

Mary – we already have something lined up for next Friday night after your arrival!!  You’ll think you were back in The Capri on Cabot Street!

Bonnie’s schedule this week:

Tuesday: Dr. Goodman; Plastic Surgeon, Marin.  Drains removed and we begin the expansion process.

Thursday: Dr. Norton; Surgeon, Santa Rosa.  Check up and hopefully good news on the issue we pressed her on last Thursday.

Friday: Mary arrives.

A week full of promise, ended with love, laughter, wine, and more laughter.

Keep her close you guys.




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