Plastics & Wine

Date: March 29th, 2011

Time: 2:15 PM

Status: Visit with Plastics = Visit with Wine

Info: I started a new class on Monday morning. Actually due to scheduling conflicts on campus I’ve actually started two new classes, each of them across the hall from each other. Can I multi-task? No not really. In fact I believe the only people on the planet that can truly multi-task are mothers which I’ve explained in earlier blogs. I love seeing the new batch of students as they walk in and find their respective operating positions. They have heard the horror stories from prior students so they walk in on egg shells and the first couple of days are nothing more than getting to know each other, who the Red Sox fans are, more importantly who the Yankee fans are 🙂 and after their first two days they know they’ve picked the best profession in the U.S. Coast Guard. The next five weeks accomplishments are up to them.

Logan’s spring break ended yesterday morning and back to school she went. Bonnie has some limited driving capabilities now and the short ride to school is relatively effortless and by the time they get their wheels spinning I am already on campus working on my third cup of lousy coffee. The week Logan spent with Bonnie was a wonderful week. She provided her mother all the necessary comforts she required. Bathing, washing her hair, the dishes, feeding the Lu-dog, etc. Yesterday was the first day for Bonnie to spend alone in the house and it was a tough one for her. I hated not being with her, but was thankful to know she’s a truly independent woman who can take of things on her own – even it is just sitting with LuLu and watching the idiot box.

I was too pooped to even sit and generate a blog for yesterday, my apologies for those of you looking for something. While my students are on their first break of the morning I steal a few minutes to update this blog and get my thoughts together.

Bonnie begins her breast expansion process today with Dr. Goodman in Marin.  I just now received a text from Bonnie letting me know she had a GREAT night sleep and is now waking up. Sleeping on her back has been one really tough adjustment for her and while the pain meds are helpful – the stress of breast cancer – well, you know where I’m going. A good night sleep is irreplaceable and I’m glad she was able to get one last night before her first expansion visit with the plastic surgeon today.

Last Friday night when we went out for the first time since her surgery she was commenting on how great it was to be out without a bra. Normally I would agree with her and she really likes how her sweaters fit now without any issues. Bonnie and Dr. Goodman will begin the journey of creating hew new breasts – whatever size Bonnie wants. I could go on forever talking about breast size, but hey, they’re NOT MINE, so this is 100 percent Bonnie’s call.

Fast forward five hours … I just got off the phone with Bonnie and her first words were “I’m a free woman!” meaning she’s free of those pesky drains. The process for expansion was a nominal procedure and it did not hurt a bit! The energy in her voice was so exciting to hear!

Fast forward 6 hours … the next text I receive from Bonnie is a picture of a wine glass full of red wine!

Now we’re cookin’…

As always …

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “Plastics & Wine

  1. OMG, I missed hearing from you yesterday…but you are forgiven 🙂 It sounds like Bonnie had an awesome day today! So happy to hear the drains are gone. Hugs to both of you!

  2. I missed the CAN yesterday, too; so glad all is well. A big hooray for Bonnie getting her drains out. I hope to get mine out tomorrow–4 weeks with these suckers is too long. I’m with Bonnie on the lousiness of sleeping on my back. Ugh. Thank goodness for the vino!

  3. Great to hear such positive news / vibes / etc…. You know Bonnie will always do great – and what a fantabulous support system you have for each other! Enjoy your evening and look frward to the next Blog..

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