Her Inner Strength

Date: March 31st, 2011 (Opening Day)

Time: 8:30 PM PST

Status: Her Inner Strength

Info:  As I started to internally draft this blog earlier I looked over and noticed Bonnie’s eyes had closed and off into slumberland she went.  I was on the phone with COMCAST ordering the MLB package, Logan was upstairs showering after her swim meet this afternoon.  The sun was out, the doors were open and the Lu-dog panted heavily.  Once LuLu was fed and I realized the MLB package comes with the final games of the NHL season (sweet) I started dinner.  Before I end up getting the keyboard slick with the sauce from tonight’s ribs let’s do our best to get you caught up on Bonnie’s visit with our surgeon.

We have to go back about a week and a half when we were on the phone with her placing our request to reexamine the size of her tumor.   During the meeting this afternoon it turns out she’ll need another “day” surgery to remove additional lymph nodes from her left side.  Reasoning? Because the surgeon had only taken and examined two nodes on the 14th of March.

The bad news is chemotherapy is still a door we need to open. 😦

The good news is the scheduling for chemo has been pushed back a few weeks. 🙂

The better news is Mary will be arriving tomorrow and the most excellent news is … and this has been confirmed while I talked with her surgeon this afternoon … is Bonnie’s inner strength.  My cell phone was going batty with incoming texts from Bonnie after her visit – so much so even the students were a little curious as to what was going on with their instructor.  Handling cancer via text has as much romance as falling asleep on your first date.

Her inner strength will take her the distance – for this I am sure.  All the help you’ve been providing by traveling across country, your flowers, (thank you Mark and Diane), and your regular phone calls are absolutely a part of her inner strength system.

Thank you.

The SOX are on tomorrow at 1:05 PST 😦 … the unhappy face is because I’ll be tracking the game via the internet while I conduct my “F” with ’em Friday routine.  Fridays are rough for all my students, and even better (or worse) … it’s April Fool’s day tomorrow.

We’re getting there.  I’m thanking you and I love the fact this site has been visited by 29 states.  Who in the world in Arkansas is reading about my wife’s breast cancer? The more the merrier, right?

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “Her Inner Strength

  1. I am glad to hear chemo is pushed back a couple of weeks for two reasons: (1) is that Bonnie gets a longer break to heal and prepare for the next step of this journey; & (2) Margie taking Bonnie to her first chemo treatment would have been a bit concerning. I can guarantee that Bonnie would have ended up taking care of Marg! That was a discussion we had last Sunday that made us both chuckle! So, all in all….it’s all good for now! 🙂

  2. Cancer & texting–not romantic but efficient. Trevor was at some airport when I got my diagnosis so I texted him the news. Nice. Bonnie’s inner strength will indeed see her through, as yours is doing for you. If chemo is a reality, remember that while sucky, it is something she does to the cancer, not something the docs do to her. It’s her weapon and allows her to have the upper hand. Still sucky, but ridding her body (and life) of cancer is the goal. GO SOX!!

  3. Lots of love and positive energy all around Bonnie, a winning combo. Betsy squeeled on me to tell the world what a medical wimp I am…I would have definitely gone to chemo treatment with Bon..part of the time my head would be between my legs so i don’t faint 🙂 just kidding…I could be tough too! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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