April Fool’s Day

Date: April 1st, 2011

Time: Lunch

Status: April Fool’s Day

Info: I may have mentioned something about joking with my students in a previous blog – rest assured that trap was set first thing this morning when I handed them their homework assignment. Yes April Fool’s. Taylor sent me an amusing story she wrote for The Daily Gamecock where she tells a tale of a rock climbing wall gone askew – take the time to read her story here. Yes April Fool’s. Every year the student newspaper, the entire student newspaper, plays the annual April Fool’s card on their readers. The imagination of these young journalists is truly impressive. I’ve always enjoyed reading Taylor’s writing, and now her younger sister is learning of the trials and tribulations associated with deadlines as she too is writing for the student newspaper ; The Trojan Tribune, a quarterly newspaper penned by the students of Petaluma High School. I guess that idiom about the apple falling from the tree holds some validity.

During free moments of the day I use the Word Press website to monitor the activity on the two blogs I write and even the staff at Word Press got into the act! I love it! When checking the stats on Bonnie’s blog a few moments ago the X/Y bar graph showed a tremendous spike in readership. After rolling the mouse over the stat counter a little cloud appeared and said “April Fool’s Day!” … nice!

Before climbing into bed last night we checked the weather for Boston, MA. The meteorological rumor was calling for snow on the East coast – typical, right? Mary had been planning this trip for a month and the day of her departure dear old Mother Nature decides to dump the fluffy precipitation onto Logan Airport? Perfect. Rest assured her United Airlines flight pulled away on time this morning and the text I received at oh-dark-thirty this morning confirmed she was airborne and headed to the wonderful world of wine and laughter in support of her lifelong friend.

Bonnie texted an hour or so ago letting me know she had arrived at her manicure/pedicure appointment. She normally takes care of her nails herself because she really does a better job than anyone else – but hey, why not take in a little pampering in preparation for Mary’s arrival, right? Only other item on Bonnie’s list today is to refill her Vicadin script and then it’s a weekend full of merriment with Mary.

The students are expecting a 100 question multiple choice exam around 2:PM this afternoon. Since this was their first week of instruction, and they know I take this job very serious, coupled with today’s date they didn’t know what to expect until one of them questioned me this morning regarding the genuineness of this exam – particularly on a Friday. Hell man this is the military – we TEST EVERYTHING. Of course there’s no exam on a Friday – but I have them all thinking this to keep them sharp.

Speaking of keeping things sharp … this weekend? The only thing sharp about this weekend will be the pointed end of the corkscrew. No joke!

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. Yes, New England woke up to snow this morning! Thankfully Mary got out of Logan and is on her way to see the other Logan :)We expect 50 degree weather tomorrow! The weekend will be lots of fun for Bon…but tell her to rest up cuz I’m coming in 8 days! Yahoo! GO SOX! and more importantly at this moment in time…GO UCONN HUSKIES!!! Have a great weekend guys :)Paul, I will be texting you after the game.

  2. Hi all,sitting here watching the Red Sox game..looking pretty good..somehow the grass turned this ugly color of white overnight…go figure??? I can feel the sunshine coming from Petaluma and the thought of feeling a sharp thing for the weekend sure sounds real appealing…send it my way? Your sick minded cousin, Cheryl

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