The Medicine Cabinet

Date: Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Time: 10:AM

Status: The Medicine Cabinet

Info:  Everyone is sleeping soundly this weekend.  Long days, fun-filled afternoon and evenings and an English bulldog guarding the guest bedroom provides that little layer of surrealism we seek when closing our eyes for the night.

Yesterday we started things off with a bang.  Two old communicators sending messages back and forth to teach other using email and texting functions alerted the ladies an old friend of mine and colleague with his wife of 35+ years will be swinging by for company and “meds.”  We introduced Mary to these two Montana natives and our day started as it should.  I’ve known Danny since 1979, back in the day when I was just started to grow facial hair, while he was sporting a tremendous handlebar moustache.  That’s all I’ll say about our age differences.  The bottles of “meds” were gifted and I was able to show Danny and Rainee the new wine cabinet.  Perhaps we should rename this display to “The Medicine Cabinet” … secretly I’m saving that name should we ever open a wine store.

Moments after saying goodbye to these two special people … two more special people announced their arrival; Cindy and her beautiful daughter Giovanna.  Cindy and Lil “G” live down on the peninsula in the kick-ass town of Menlo Park just south of San Francisco.  Cindy is Bonnie’s cousin and as I write this she’s one her way to the United Kingdom for a few days.  I love how Cindy can just pick up and head north – a good 90+ minute drive to spend a few hours with her cousin.

The afternoon was spent dining at SUGO, and then tasting the grapes at La Dolce Vita – the meteorologist (latin for liar) predicted spotty precipitation for Saturday afternoon … this never happened. We enjoyed the entire afternoon with the sun on our faces, wine on our lips and discussions ranging from fingernail polish, shoes, and bras.  I sent a text to our friend Margie (our next visitor!!!) late yesterday afternoon while sitting in Dolce.  Margie at the time was in a Connecticut sports bar watching the University of Connecticut prepare for the Final Four matchup against Kentucky.  The text read:

“Go Huskies! I am with three women drinking wine, talking shoes, bras, and fingernail polish.  HELP!”

Margie responded: “Ha ha ha good thing I am a sports fanatic!”

We came home, Cindy napped, I rewired the sensors on our finicky garage door and after a quiet prologue with two hours of sunset remaining we bid farewell and safe travels to Cindy.

The menu for the Saturday’s night dinner was a homemade pizza with pepperoni, ham, green pepper, two cheeses, and topped with pineapple.  No wonder we slept so well.

Coffee has been poured this morning and we’re planning our afternoon.  It’s time to fire up the griddle and put on my chef’s hat for this morning’s entree.

UCONN defeated KENTUCKY 56-55 in a nailbiter yesterday afternoon.  They’ll face BUTLER on Monday evening.  GO UCONN!

I can’t say enough about friendship … thank you to everyone for a perfect weekend.  We’ll say our goodbyes to Mary tomorrow morning and in no time at all we’ll be welcoming Margie into our home.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Keep her close you guys.





One thought on “The Medicine Cabinet

  1. I’m so happy you all had such a fun filled weekend! How great friends and family all come together. I am counting the days to my arrival 🙂

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