Chemotherapy 101

Date: April 4th, 2011

Time: 9:PM

Status: An Introduction to Chemotherapy

Info:  The day ends with Bonnie on the cell phone letting me know how her day went. My wife, my bride, my friend spent the day attending a session called “Chemo Teach” – I’ll leave that to your imagination. What a completely lousy way to start the week after bidding a brief farewell to her lifelong friend. This is me talking – but on the other end of the phone is someone who is just not being phased one way or another by the whole ordeal. She gets it, she’s understanding what’s in front of her one thousand percent better than I could possibly imagine. Attitude, her positive attitude, is about the only way one can enjoy this thrill ride known as chemotherapy. Bonnie hates roller coasters, she hates taking risk and yet she’s on the other end of the phone with more confidence than John Havlicek at the free throw line. It’s utterly amazing to hear the confidence in her voice. I’m just glad she couldn’t hear mine on the other end.

Tonight we watched the Huskies of UCONN throttle the Bulldogs from Butler in winning the men’s NCAA basketball championship. We warmed up with a glass of wine and by the time Bonnie came home I was a half-dozen Miller High Lifes in – at least I was partially numb when she briefed me on her visit. While the game was being played we fired up the backyard bbq for some grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and rice.

Bonnie has been on the phone with Connecticut already … CONGRATULATIONS again to our UCONN family and she’s now blow-drying Logan’s hair for the first time in about six weeks. I used to hate the sounds of that hair dryer – not needing one and all – but now it’s like she’s Charlie Daniels playing the fiddle in The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Day surgery is still on our schedule for a further lymph node dissection which means the drains come back for an additional two weeks. Her response? “So what … the worst is over and we know how to work those things anyway!”

Tomorrow she meets with her Plastic Surgeon down in Marin for her second expansion visit and on Wednesday she meets with the genetic counselors. Details on each to follow.

We’re all good here. Mary arrived safely back in The Garden City and LuLu is at my feet.


Keep her close you guys.






2 thoughts on “Chemotherapy 101

  1. Bonnie…you are an inspiration to all! Your positive attitude will definately get you through this! Good luck with what is yet to come. Love you!

  2. Bonnie truely is something else. I spoke with her during the game and she was so upbeat and positive. She offered to call another friend of Betsy and I who just was diagnosed with breast cancer who is really having a tough time dealing with the news. She was so confident saying she can get through this, it’s not so bad…she is a true inspiration to all of you as to how to handle the cards that are dealt to us.

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