Protecting Each Other

Date: Monday, April 4th, 2011

Time: 8:AM

Status: Protecting Each Other

Info:  We all know that excitement one has about boarding an aircraft and traveling across country for pleasure. That same feeling is equaled on the receiving end. Everyone checking flight schedules, cursing mother nature for even considering delaying an on time departure, but when it all works out and the guest arrives safe and sound there’s a collective sigh of relief and then the rejoice begins. We’ve been in that rejoice mode since Friday afternoon and it was not until early this morning when the stark realization of another week of doctor’s visits, new doors to open and a round of goodbyes must be started.

Mary was funny last night as we verbally discussed who, what, when and where things will happen in the morning regarding Mary’s transit to the bus station to catch the Santa Rosa/San Francisco Airporter Express. Her first question was “will there be coffee in the morning?” We all laughed because we all know there’s coffee in the morning – every morning! This morning was no different.

A text went off early this morning (was it a payback?) from our cousin Cindy who was letting us all know she’s in the United Kingdom, arrived safely, and HAPPY. That’s a darn good text to get your day started. I was curious if it was a payback because of the time I inadvertently left me cell phone downstairs in the kitchen and the alarm went off playing The Doors “Break On Through” during a visit not so long ago. The funny thing about being surrounded by females … THEY DON’T FORGET A THING! So I’m always trying to maintain my “A” game – just in case.

Mary heads back to “The Hub” this morning. Coffee ready, a hug with thanks and out the door I went to start my day. Bonnie’s day is quite a bit different than mine, it’s different than Cindy’s and it will be different from Mary’s as well. I updated her boss this morning with the following:




With an agenda like that I’ll have plenty of information this week to provide all of you.

Mary’s visit was as perfect a visit as one could be. I love her independence, her freedom and her compass. Mary and I go back a great number of years, but these two ladies go back four + decades with each other and there was nary a moment when the two were not discussing one thing or another. Mary and LuLu bonded quite nicely this weekend as witnessed by LuLu standing guard at Mary’s bedroom door during the night.

I’d like to think in some small way we are protecting each other just by being there. Just like the Lu-dog did with Mary … just like Mary did with Bonnie and soon we’re all going to be giddy with anticipation as we plan on the arrival of Bonnie’s maid of honor; Ms. Margie … our UCONN fanatic who arrives this Saturday.


Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “Protecting Each Other

  1. Bon has a busy week ahead of her. Thank goodness you are all so organized! Lulu will soon sense what a fond dog lover I am. Paul, I truely appreciate your support and well wishes toward our UCONN men’s basketball team. It’s great to receive positive energy 3000 miles away. Tonight is the Big Dance and we are ready for it! I just hope I don’t have a heart attack! I have a trip to make on Saturday you know 🙂

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