The Option of Choice

Date: April 6th, 2011

Time: 5:30 AM

Status: Chemo & Smiling Faces

Info: Recapping the events from yesterday can be done in a word; YES.  Bonnie’s normally scheduled appointment for genetic counseling was held in Santa Rosa and after this visit of question and answers regarding her biological past to better determine if she carries the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene she was then greeted by Dr. Anderson’s nurse and scheduler; Elizabeth.  (Dr. Anderson is the Oncologist referred to us by Dr. Norton) Bonnie called me yesterday around lunchtime and was so excited about how the visit went.  She says “Here’s a strange combination: Chemotherapy and Smiling faces” … the infusion center includes a view of the Sonoma County mountains and the staff there could not do enough for her yesterday.  My response to her yesterday was “Wish you could see my smile right now.”  It’s nice when your choices, even your second choices turn out fruitful.

Yesterday afternoon long before the steaks went on the grill we received a call from her former Oncologist.  Weird, right? Anyway I answer the phone … hmmm, yes, who may I say is calling? This is Dr. Stanton … oh really and it was at that point when Bonnie was able to verbalize her concerns about the him and his staff.  I guess the phone call makes it official.  Even in the game of cancer someone hates to lose a sale.

I was reading a response to yesterday’s blog – this one came from our neighbor to the north who writes …

One of the things I like when I read here is the fact that you have a choice.

In Canada – we don’t.


If you don’t have the money to go to the states for treatment – you take whatever yahoo happens to be available in your time of need.

I’m glad you have the option of choice.

As an American we never really consider that option do we?  Her response to Bonnie and I really opened our eyes yesterday morning before her day began.  We COULD NOT imagine NOT having a choice with this type of surgery.  This too put a smile on our face.

We both better stop smiling so much – or someone is going to start thinking we’re off our rocker.  Oh yea … mission accomplished.

Today Bonnie meets with her new oncologist.  Fingers crossed. Yes I know she met with his nurse yesterday … but today she meets with him.

By the way … today marks the third week home for Bonnie. She’s been in recovery here at home now twenty-one days, and I have to tell you … she’s doing remarkable.  Right now she’s sound asleep, continues to find rest while sleeping the entire evening on her back – I don’t know how she does it, but even the powerful aromas of Papa’s homemade coffee brewing in the early morning hours does not faze her REM.  Heck, I even cooked breakfast for myself this morning and still no movement, not even from LuLu who snores away at the other end of the living room. 🙂

Keep her close you guys.




4 thoughts on “The Option of Choice

  1. Yahoo! First impressions with the new oncologist are positive! Praying today goes well :). See you in a few days! Hey Paul, I just realized from the time my flight gets in and the opening pitch, we won’t have much time! GO SOX

    • You’ve rocked my day (in a great way) … truly! Please continue to rock others in your day to day. I’ve been writing about our breast cancer since day 1 and after reading your story I realize how important my wife’s inner strength really is. She’s a remarkable woman, and I did not need the news of breast cancer to learn that. Thank you very much for writing to me this morning. You ROCK!


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