The House Rules

Date: April 11th, 2011

Time: 7:30 AM

Status: The House Rules (modified)

Info:  Writing a blog each morning requires me to pay close attention to what is going on in our house each day. I listen and look for triggers that will help me get words on paper each morning. As many of you know I do not generate a blog during the weekend as the house is normally teeming with activity, whether that activity is Bonnie lying in bed resting and I am planning the week’s menu and visiting the local grocer or she’s out in town testing a new varietal, running errands, or even entertaining guests – I’m always on the hunt for a trigger to get something started.

Today I’ll begin with some of the greatest words ever spoken by a sports announcer. These words were heard this past Sunday afternoon as we hunkered down to watch the final game of a three game series between the RED SOX and that American League team from NYC. The words I heard and repeated often, and yes OUT LOUD are: “Yankees go down in order, one, two, three.” Simply music to my ears.

Most of the day on Sunday was spent relaxing. I treated our guest Margie to her first ever Papa Paul’s breakfast special. The menu that morning was brioche French toast, bacon and fresh strawberries with enough coffee to put anyone else in the cardiac unit. Margie and the girls loved the breakfast. The Lu-dog was a great comfort to Margie on Sunday as she sat on the back steps enjoying the relaxing Northern California sunshine. I was able to catch the Bruins game on television and watched my boys in black & gold fall to the Devils of New Jersey – slightly upsetting as they prepare for the playoffs. Nonetheless though, a hockey game, friends enjoying the day and Bonnie relaxing are all perfect ingredients for a Sunday without an agenda.

As we all prepared for the upcoming SOX game we dashed out of the house to the local grocer for a few necessary items; mainly cheese board items, an appetizer and the main entrée of baby back ribs and a Zin, a Syrah, and a couple of Chardonnays. After the grocery items were put away and before the first pitch was thrown I had to provide Margie with our “house rules” when the SOX and NYY are on the television. Must wear the same clothes for the entire game that you are wearing when the first pitch is thrown AND no sitting. Both of these rules have been in effect for a long number of years and due to our current situation – the latter was modified. I of course stood during the entire game – no issues. Bonnie, Logan and Margie and of course the Lu-dog relaxed with a coffee table full of delicious cheeses, our homemade salsa, known affectionately as PAULSA®, and a prepared cocktail sauce for the local shrimp. The Yankees never stood a chance this afternoon!

At one point during the game Margie looked up at me and asked “Do you REALLY stand for the entire game?” The laughter of the weekend continued while the crew from Fenway shutout the Yankees 4-zip. A very nice way to end the weekend.

For our friends reading this blog who prefer a Jorge Posada over a Jason Varitek, allow me to offer you the trigger that started this blog:

“Yankees go down in order, one, two, three.”

While I was petting the Lu-dog (Happy Birthday LuLu) this morning Margie asked me to leave the GPS behind as the girls are planning for a drive through the countryside. All good things come to those that wait. Margie’s visit has been a tremendous bottle of medicine for my wife this weekend and I believe we can expect much more of the same as we get started on another week.

No scheduled appointments until her lymph node dissection on Wednesday. Details of course to follow afterwards.

Keep her close you guys.




2 thoughts on “The House Rules

  1. Who in their right mind could possibly prefer Posada over Tek? Granted, Posada is easy on the eyes, but come on…we’re talking about Tek, the heart & soul of Team Red Sox. As much as I loved the antics of Johnny Damon, the brazeness of Manny, the pose of Timmy W, and continue to enjoy the dazzling smile of Big Papi, the squirrel growing on Youk’s chin, the always-awesome Pedey, and of course the lovely Ellsbury, Jason Veritek is the heart of that team.

    Ok, off my soapbox. Thanks for ordering up the beautiful northern CA weather this weekend. We enjoyed every bit of it. Glad Bonnie had a great weekend. I’m hungry after reading about your food offerings.

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